Minecraft Crochet Makes

You’ll find a range of different Minecraft themed patterns on this page from Minecraft blocks, blankets and even pencil cases. There’s a range of different crochet styles too with some corner to corner crochet, granny squares and rows of sc stitches.

These makes are perfect for any Minecraft fan, and I’m always finding more items I want to make (the list is getting way to long!) so keep a look out for new patterns.

Click on the image to be taken to the free pattern.

Crochet Minecraft Block Series Patterns

Create your own crochet stackable Minecraft blocks, these make great gifts and can be made using solid foam block inserts or soft toy stuffing.

Keep all your crafted and mined items safe in a Minecraft Chest block pattern.

Emerald Ore block pattern.

Clear the way with a Minecraft TNT block pattern.

Be careful around this super hot Magma block pattern.

Restore Block pattern.

Diamond Ore block pattern.

Perfect for Halloween a Pumpkin/Jack-o-lantern Block pattern.

Minecraft Glass block pattern.

Minecraft Squid Block Pattern.

A very happy Minecraft Axolotl block.

A Minecraft Ghast block.

Minecraft Slime Block.

A Minecraft furnace block.

A Minecraft chicken block.


Keep cosy with a Minecraft block themed blanket.

This Minecraft wolf Blanket will keep you nice and cosy.

Slightly scary but very cosy a Minecraft Ghast blanket.

A very handy Minecraft Earth block

A very cute Minecraft Mooshroom cow.


Make your own crochet Minecraft themed soft toys.

A Minecraft Ghast pattern.

Speedily swimming around a Minecraft squid pattern.


Keep pens/pencils/crochet hooks safely stored away in these Minecraft themed Crochet Minecraft accessories.

Keep all your pencils organised with a Ghast or Creeper pencil case pattern.

A Minecraft Steve storage case.

Minecraft Mooshroom cow pencil Case.