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Minecraft Ghast Granny Square Blanket Pattern 

I finally managed to get all the grannies assembled and in their correct positions to finish my Minecraft Ghast blanket!

Has taken me a little while to get the final few grannies for this ghast blanket finished but I had a little flurry of making them and finally got all 100 finished and sewn together. I love the effect of this granny square and the pattern I used is over on:

It’s been great using different types of granny square for each of the Minecraft blankets I have made so far, (mooshroom cow, creeper, wolf) and I have found another one to try for my next Minecraft blanket I have in mind – you would think I would have had enough of these granny squares blankets by now, but I keep finding new grannies and other Minecraft blankets I want to make!

Minecraft Ghast granny square blocks needed:

White: 74

Dark grey: 14

Black: 12


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