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Minecraft Wolf Granny Square Blanket

After a bit of a false start I have completed another granny square Minecraft blanket, this time a wolf!

I had originally planned to make a snow golum Minecraft blanket next after the creeper, mooshroom cow and ghast, and had even got underway making a couple of grannies. However, after I had finished one ball of wool I hit a bit of a obstacle when I found I couldn’t find any wool in the right colours I was needing to finish it! I needed some different shades of orange and struggled to find any in shades different to what I had already used. Without these different shades I wouldn’t be able to get a good pixelated effect. So for now I have put the snow golum on hold whilst I find some other colours that will work.

Instead I decided to start work on a wolf blanket instead as I had the wools I need to be able to do this. Similarly to my other Minecraft blankets I’ve opted to use a different granny square and I found the pattern for this one over on:

I completed 8 increasing rows to get the size I wanted before starting on the decrease.

To get the half squares around be mouth I completed a seperate mouth piece consisting of 5 peach squares and 4 black squares and attached this onto the completed blanket, where I had placed browns and greys where the mouth piece would be going.

I like how different this granny square is and I think it worked out really well.

Minecraft wolf blanket granny square amounts:

Grey: 17

White: 9

Peach: 5

Dark brown: 6

Medium brown: 4

Black: 6


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