Sewing Tutorial: Fabric Scrap Busting Project – Scrappy Patchwork Monsters, Part 1

I’m still trying to reduce my fabric scraps, my previous makes of my pattern weights, and Easter yo-yo bunny made a slight dent but I still have a long (very long!) way to go before I can declare my scrap busting mission a success!

I had an idea the other day to make some fabric monsters when it suddenly dawned on me that I could actually use my fabric scraps to make these monsters, hence scrappy monsters were born. These were great fun to put together, from my early sketches to making the patterns and right through putting them together. I love the fact that they can be so random, I have only made 2 so far but am going to do a lot more of them, and with the amount of fabric scraps I have I won’t be running out of fabric any time soon!

These scrappy monsters, are made using The Craft Cotton Company fabric scraps.

I put a tutorial together to make the two monsters I have made but you could make whatever shape or size monster and add on as many different features you like. I think my next one will have a few more arms!

Fabric gifted by The Craft Cotton Company.

Scrappy monsters Sewing tutorial:


  • Fabric scraps.
  • Pins.
  • Scissors.
  • Thread.
  • Embroidery thread.
  • Buttons.
  • Paper (to make the pattern).
  • Needle.

Scrappy monsters Sewing tutorial – Assembly:

  • Draw out paper templates:
    • If your doing the same monsters as me the monster parts and size of the templates I used are on the photo below, these measurements include a seam allowance. If you are doing your own, sketch out your monster then draw out your paper pattern pieces. Cut out these paper templates.

  • Cut out your fabrics:
    • Using whatever fabric scraps you have cut out the fabrics for each body part, the more random the better!

  • Sewing the body parts:
    • For arms and legs: starting with the front pieces place the first two pieces right sides together and sew down the edge to attach them together, repeat for piece 3 if applicable. Repeat for the back pieces. Now place the front and back pieces together and sew down the side along the bottom and up the other side, leaving the last edge unsewn, turn the right way and stuff.
    • Head and body details (spikes etc.): place the fabric pieces right sides together and sew around the edges leaving bottom edge unsewn, turn the right way and stuff.
  • Making the teeth
    • Fold the fabric in half with wrong sides together, and sew down the two sides leaving the top open. Turn the right way, and place on the back of the mouth and sew to hold in place.
    • If you are machine appliquéing the eyes and mouth details sew then onto the front piece now using a zig zag stitch. If you are hand sewing later ignore this step.
  • Sewing the body together:
    • To sew the arms and legs and bits and body together: place the back body piece down right side facing up then place all the pieces in there correct locations with their bottom edges hanging over the edge of the back body piece, place the front piece on top right side down and sew around leaving a 10cm gap for turning. Turn and stuff then slip stitch closed.
    • Hand sewing the face details: Sew on the face details using blanket stitch.

  • Add buttons for eyes.

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