Craft Tutorial: Pom Pom Halloween Spider Decoration  

This Post was originally published back in 2015, but its had a little make over and its new and improved version is now here!. This little one looks quite mean in these photos - he looks so much happier in person! Although the mean face is actually perfect for Halloween! Now to make some more… Continue reading Craft Tutorial: Pom Pom Halloween Spider Decoration  

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Crochet Dragon Hooded Blanket Pattern

It's been a little while but its time for some more hooded blankets to be added to the collection! First out is a dragon - he's out first as he was getting a little impatient and I couldn't risk any flame blowing in my craft bag! Its now time to fly off and have some… Continue reading Crochet Dragon Hooded Blanket Pattern


Crochet Mice Storage Baskets Pattern

From hopping to squeaking some crochet mice baskets are joining the rabbits! After making my crochet rabbit storage baskets I still needed a couple more so decided instead of just making more rabbits to make something different. Since I still had plenty of brown wool left over I opted to make some mice. I made… Continue reading Crochet Mice Storage Baskets Pattern


Embroidered Hoop Adventures, Part 1: Fox

Time for some embroidered hoop making adventures, into the woodland first with this very cute fox I have had an idea for some embroidered hoops for a while now and have finally had a chance to sit down and draw up the patterns and start getting them made. They have come together surprisingly quickly as… Continue reading Embroidered Hoop Adventures, Part 1: Fox


Crochet Bear Hooded Blanket Pattern

Scrambling or my Craft bag in the search of some honey is a bear - a snuggly crochet hooded bear blanket I'm gradually working my way through putting together all the animal blanket parts in my Craft bag and the next animal out is a bear.  The pattern for this is available over on my… Continue reading Crochet Bear Hooded Blanket Pattern


Crochet Dog Hooded Blanket Pattern

Woofing and wagging its tail out of the crochet bag is a dog hooded blanket pattern The hooded blanket theme is continuing here, soon as I think I've made them all a few more ideas pop into my head!, I do have a few other projects on the sidelines that will be making there way… Continue reading Crochet Dog Hooded Blanket Pattern