From hopping to squeaking some crochet mice baskets are joining the rabbits!

After making my crochet rabbit storage baskets I still needed a couple more so decided instead of just making more rabbits to make something different. Since I still had plenty of brown wool left over I opted to make some mice.

I made sure that they would still be stackable so would be able stack them up when not in use.

The pattern is available over on my Etsy shop:

Time to get going grannies it’s time for a granny crochet along

I’m super excited to get started on this granny crochet along by Zeens and Roger:

I’ve been wanting to get going with another granny project for a while now and this CAL has given me the kick to finally get going with it! I’m not going to divulge too much detail on what it is just yet as I like to keep a few surprises! Luckily I’ve got some wool that is perfect in my stash but no where near enough so I will have to get out and get some more soon. Now off to make some grannies!

Hopping along with some crochet rabbit baskets


Ive been working on some crochet rabbit storage baskets for a little while now and I have finally got them all finished.  I opted to make three different sizes which also means that they can stack inside each other when they don’t have anything in them.

These will be perfect for storing all my loose craft bits in rather than them all being strewn all over the table!

Ive got some ideas for some more of these too so it wont be long until a couple more appear!

If you would like to make some of these the pattern is available over on my Etsy shop:



Icy mornings call for some new fingerless gloves, out come the crochet hooks!

That time of year has arrived – I can no longer put off wearing gloves, if I do I don’t think my hands are going to be too happy! unfortunately I came across a slight problem when I got my gloves out from last year – they had a hole in them, a hole which rapidly expanded when I put them on and there was no chance of saving them.

I have had a pair of fingerless gloves on my to to list for a while now and since I no longer had a pair a gloves to wear decided it was about time I got a pattern put together for some and them made.  I received some lovely Rowan wool rowan tweed a long time ago and have been waiting for the perfect project for it and knew this was it.  I decided to use a mix of single crochet and trebles crochet (US Double) for the pattern and am happy with how it has turned out.


Fingerless gloves pattern.

4 mm crochet hook

50 g ball of DK wool, I used Rowan Tweed by Rowan


Make 2:

ch enough so the chain fits loosely around your wrist, slip stitch into the 1st ch to make a round.

Working in rounds:

Rounds 1-2: sc around.

Rounds 3-4: trb(UK)/dc(US) around.

Repeat rows 1-4 until the glove is the length you want on your arm up to the base of your thumb, finishing on a row 4.


Round 5: Take the total amount of sc stitches in your round and subtract 9, then divide this number by 2 (round up if a decimal).  This is the number of sc you need to complete on this round before skipping 9 stitches and continuing around the rest of the round back to the start in sc.



Round 6: sc around.

Round 7: *2trb(UK)/dc(US) into next stitch, trb(UK)/dc(US) into the next 3 stitches.  REpeat from *around.

Round 8: sc around.

Fasten off.





From rainbows to Geckos, a few more crochet bookmarks have emerged

I found another bookmark pattern on Pinterest for a gecko which I knew would be perfect for some of my other book gifts, and had a wool in my stash which I have been wanting to use on a project for a while now – always an added bonus when you actually have the right wool already!


I have made 3 of these little cuties so far and will be doing a few more to go with my remaining book gifts…

Link to the pattern;

Such a cute little cloud – how could I not make one of these crochet bookmarks!

IMG_2226IMG_2224IMG_2221I’ve got quite a few book gifts this year and wanted to add just a little something with them that I had made so I decided to make some crochet bookmarks after seeing some very cute patterns on Pinterest.

The first is a very cute rainbow and cloud bookmark which I found the link to on Pinterest:


I love the face details – especially the rosy cheeks! I will be making one of these for myself next!

Time for some puzzling, mini crochet ball puzzling that is!

I have seen patterns for crochet puzzle balls pop up on my Pinterest feed for a while now and have pinned many in my things to make board – which is getting a bit out of hand! I decided the other day it was time I got on and made one of these balls!

I opted to make a mini version to see how I got on first before tackling the larger sized one – didn’t want to end up in a mess of puzzle bits straight off!

The pattern was by #lookatwhatimade

The pattern was brilliant – lots of photos to make sure your on the right track too.

Now that I have successfully mastered on of these little mini ones I will be going ahead and trying one of the bigger ones, however I enjoyed making this little one so much I will be making a few more of these before getting started!

Time for some under the sea fun with a crochet seahorse tail blanket

Little bit of a change from the hooded blankets with this crochet seahorse tail blanket, perfect for escaping away for some under the sea adventures. Fully size customisable from babies to adult based on waist measurement. 
The pattern is available over on my Etsy shop:

Crochet Hooded Flamingo Blanket

Ive been working on a few more crochet hooded blankets and the first new blanket out the craft basket is this very bright and happy flamingo!




The pattern is available over on my Etsy shop along with my other hooded blanket patterns:



Now to get back to finishing the others!