Time to get quacking with your very own mallard duck crochet hooded blanket 

The hooded blanket makes are continuing with this very happy mallard duck.  

There are now also two sizes in the pattern  for all the hooded blankets. 

Pattern is available over on my Etsy shop: 


Scrambling or my Craft bag in the search of some honey is a bear – a snuggly crochet hooded bear blanket 

I’m gradually working my way through putting together all the animal blanket parts in my Craft bag and the next animal out is a bear. 

The pattern is available over on my Etsy shop:

Woofing and wagging its tail out of the crochet bag is a dog hooded blanket with pattern 

The hooded blanket theme is continuing here, soon as I think I’ve made them all a few more ideas pop into my head!, I do have a few other projects on the sidelines that will be making there way on here soon but I just wanted to get a few more of these blankets finished first! 

The pattern is available over on my Etsy shop: 


Following on from the crochet hooded mouse blanket is a crafty cat.

I thought about putting a cat blanket together not long after starting on my mouse one, and i have now managed to get all the pieces finished off and attached.  I love the eye detail on this blanket, I really wanted them to stand out and using the bright green colour definitely achieved that.


The pattern is available over on my Etsy shop along with the mouse, frog, pig, puffin, and other animal blankets.


Sneak about as quiet as a mouse in a hooded crochet mouse blanket

I’ve been working on a few more hooded blanket patterns over the last few weeks and am super excited to get this mouse blanket uploaded. 

The pattern is a available on my Etsy shop: 


Get bouncing with your very own crochet Kangaroo tail

As well as being perfect for practicing your Kangaroo bouncing, this crochet Kangaroo tail blanket has a very handy pouch. Perfect for keeping your treasures in while wearing it. 

It can be made to any size – all you need is a waist and leg measurement. The pattern is available over on my Etsy shop:

Time for another hooded blanket, this time a toucan

After making the puffin hooded blanket I decided to do another bird blanket and thought I would do a toucan. 
The pattern is available over on my Etsy shop: 


Make your own circus of puffins with this crochet hooded puffin blanket pattern


Ive been working on a few more crochet hooded blanket patterns over the last few months and there are bits of different animals and birds gathering up in my craft basket and starting to overflow all over the place!. In an attempt to reduce the crammed conditions in the craft basket I have managed to get a few put together, the first is a very cute puffin.

The pattern is available over on my Etsy shop:   https://www.etsy.com/uk/listing/526825227/hooded-puffin-blanket-crochet-pattern

Become a crocodile with this crochet crocodile tail blanket pattern

Following on from my dinosaur and dragon tail blankets is a crocodile tail blanket. I love making these tail blankets so it wont be too long until a few more patterns start to come together!



Pattern is available over on my Etsy shop: