A place to document some of my crafting adventures – I go on quite a few! and share hints and tips I pick up along the way. Hope you like my makes as much as I do!

Love all sorts of crafts including crochet, cross stitching, embroidery, patchwork, quilting, sewing, appliqué, card making, and love to try anything that I haven’t had a go at yet! Although I tried knitting for a while and am useless at it, so unfortunately that one is not on the list – good thing I can crochet.

I put the odd pattern up on here too, let me know if you have given any a go, love to see the results when people have made them.

Feel free to make as many as you like but please reference them if publishing/selling. Thank you!









4 thoughts on “About

  1. Hello, Several days ago, I placed order 1591232284 through Etsy. I placed the order as a guest. I used my personal email instead of my crafting email. I haven’t ordered from them in awhile and forgot which email I should have used. I used http://www.orsbornepat@hotmail.com. I should have used patorsborne@outlook.com. I have been monitoring both accounts and have not received the patterns yet.

    Please let me know where they were sent .

    I am looking forward to creating these items.

    Pat Orsborne


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