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Crochet Christmas Ideas: Santa Storage Baskets – With Beard

While experimenting with the top ruffle section on my original Santa storage baskets an idea came into mind that I should try doing a bearded version of these baskets. This idea appeared after a particularly disastrous ruffle attempt where I had way to many ruffles within a stitch - some positives do sometimes appear out… Continue reading Crochet Christmas Ideas: Santa Storage Baskets – With Beard

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Crochet Summer Garden Storage Baskets Pattern – Time To Bring The Outside In

Bring a summer garden into your home with these crochet storage baskets With all the wet and cold weather that’s been happening I decided to try and brighten things up a bit by making some summer garden themed storage baskets with flowers and bee details. They have definitely brought a bit of summer into the… Continue reading Crochet Summer Garden Storage Baskets Pattern – Time To Bring The Outside In

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Crochet Stegosaurus Storage Baskets Pattern: Ready For Some Dinosaur Adventures

I wanted to make a few more storage baskets and decided to make some with a dinosaur theme - so here are some stegosaurus storage baskets, might see if I can do a few more different dinosaurs patterns over the next few weeks. Pattern now available over on my Etsy and Ravelry shops.

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Crochet Frog Storage Baskets Pattern

It’s been a while but the crochet storage baskets are back - jumping in are some frogs! I have been meaning to make some more crochet storage baskets but too many other projects have been sneaking in the way first! Now hat most of those are finished I have managed to squeeze in a new… Continue reading Crochet Frog Storage Baskets Pattern

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Bobble Texture Crochet Storage Baskets Pattern

These storage baskets are made with my current favourite stitch - a bobble stitch, I love the textured effect you get when using a bobble effect among other flat stitches. The colours in these are my favourites to use in winter time, I always seem to drift towards using them when the weather starts to… Continue reading Bobble Texture Crochet Storage Baskets Pattern


Crochet Mice Storage Baskets Pattern

From hopping to squeaking some crochet mice baskets are joining the rabbits! After making my crochet rabbit storage baskets I still needed a couple more so decided instead of just making more rabbits to make something different. Since I still had plenty of brown wool left over I opted to make some mice. I made… Continue reading Crochet Mice Storage Baskets Pattern