Crochet Granny Square Blanket With A Twist – Log Cabin Granny Blanket

Bit of a twist on a crochet granny square blanket – time for a log cabin for granny!

Earlier this year I took part in Zeens and Rogers granny cal 2019 and it took me a while to think of something I could do which would be a little different, then one day after spending a while messing with some graph paper and coloured pencils I thought about having a change of direction in the granny blanket. From that the granny log twist was born! I had to keep an eye on what row I was on when making the pattern as I had a habit of getting a bit carried away and forgetting I needed to add the twist in!

I have now made two of these blankets and have finally had a chance to get the pattern sorted.

Pattern for this is now available on my Etsy and Ravelry shops.

Crochet Granny Cal18: Minecraft Earth Block Granny Square Blanket

I’ve been working on a crochet granny along over the last 6 weeks by Zeens and Roger.

It’s been great fun getting all the granny squares made for this – I was a bit worried I would be tight on time for getting them all finished but I managed to get them all made and put together with a few days to spare!

Now it’s all finished you can see the final pattern of the blanket – a Minecraft earth block blanket. I do like my Minecraft makes – I’ve already made a creeper blanket, creeper, squid, ghast blanket, mooshroom cow blanket, and a wolf blanket and I still have a few more ideas for some more!

I made the blanket size 10×10 grannies and completed the grannies following this ‘how to’ and completed 2 rows of sc stitches around the whole blanket once I had sewn it all together.

So glad I joined in with this CAL I’m looking forward to taking part in another one!

Crochet Granny Square Minecraft Creeper Blanket 

100 granny squares later and it’s finally finished – the grannies have successfully morphed into a pixelated Minecraft creeper blanket

I have been plodding along making granny squares for what seems like an age now – it’s my fault it’s taken me so long really though because I have only been making the squares in the few spare moments I have had between other craft projects. Also I got so carried away making granny squares I actually made a few too many in the end, I’m sure I can put them to good use on another project at some point!.  

Creeper Granny Square Blanket:

For the granny squares I completed a basic granny square using this method.

You need 100 squares in total:

Black: 20

Light green: 19

Medium green: 11

Green: 25

Dark green: 23

White: 2

Once I had all 100 squares made, it was time to get them all put together, I laid them all out before starting this so I could make sure I got all the squares in the places I thought they would look best. The next job was the Sewing together which took quite a while. I sewed the squares together with a slip stitch, I didn’t want the bulky seam you get when using a dc stitch to join.  Once joined and the mammoth task of finishing off all the loose ends was complete I went around the edge of the blanket in two rows of dc stitch using black. 

I am very happy with this blanket, and I know its recipient is going to love this for Christmas! Now I need to get cracking on another granny square blanket – now it’s time for a Minecraft mushroom cow, I better get cracking!

Granny Square A Week Blanket Project: Part 9 – Joining And Adding A Boarder To A Granny Square Blanket


It has taken me a while to get through all of these grannies from Simply Crochet’s granny square a week app, but after finally getting them all finished it was time to get them laid out and put together.

Previous posts on the granny squares used include:

Part 1: Starting a challenge.

Part 2: The number of grannies is growing.

Part 3: Welcome to 3 special grannies.

Part 4: Grannies, grannies, grannies.

Part 5: Its starting to get quite full in here.

Part 6: Almost enough for a full bus.

Part 7: Some grannies almost got left behind.

Part 8: Finally on our way.

Once I had them laid out as I wanted them I discovered a few problems;

First, I was one square short. Luckily there was a pattern in Simply Crochet magazine, issue 27, for a star motif that I wanted to make already and knew it would go well with the other grannies so was perfect.

Second, some of the grannies were huge compared to the others and it was messing up how they would go together, the only solution – some had to have a slight haircut and loose a round or two, sorry Granny Irene, Iris, and Mabel.


Joining the granny squares:

  • The granny squares were joined together using a sc stitch in a dark colour (black) that wasn’t in any of the granny squares.

I was really happy with how well it worked out, as I was starting to think they were never going to look nice when all put together.


Adding a border to the finished granny square blanket:

Once I had attached all the grannies together I decided to add a border again in black to finish the piece off.

Round 1: Complete sc stitches around the blanket. Fasten off.

Fasten on at a corner:

Round 2: ch3, 2tr(UK)/dc(US), ch2, 3tr(UK)/dc(US) into the corner. This provides a corner edge, next: *ch1, skip 2 stitches then 3tr(UK)/dc(US) into next, repeat from * to next corner sc, 3tr(UK)/dc(US), ch2, 3tr(UK)/dc(US). Repeat around all edges and join with a slip stitch to first ch3.

I then decided I wanted a square pyramid effect around the edges, and completed this;

For the two long edges:

Pyramid row 1:

  • Join in first ch space after corner ch space, ch3, 2tr(UK)/dc(US) into ch space, *ch1, 3tr(UK)/dc(US) into next ch space, repeat from * 2 more times. Fasten off.

Pyramid row 2:

  • For next row of the pyramid fasten on into the first ch space from the previous row, ch3, 2tr(UK)/dc(US) into ch space, *ch1, 3tr(UK)/dc(US) into next ch space, repeat from * 1 more time, Fasten off.

Pyramid row 3:

  • For final row of pyramid, fasten on into the first ch space from previous row, ch3, 2tr(UK)/dc(US) into ch space, ch1, then 3tr(UK)/dc(US) into next ch space, fasten off.

Once the first pyramid is finished, you just repeat the pyramid pattern for length of the row, starting with the next pyramid in the next ch space from the first row of the previous pyramid.


For the two shorter sides:

Pyramid row 1:

  • Join in first ch space after corner, ch3, 2tr(UK)/dc(US) into same ch space, *ch1, 3tr(UK)/dc(US) into next ch space, repeat from * once more fasten off.

Pyramid row 2:

  • For final row of pyramid, join in first ch space from previous row, ch3, 2tr(UK)/dc(US) into ch space, ch1, 3tr(UK)/dc(US) into next ch space, fasten off.

After I had completed this and finished off all the loose ends – there was a lot! I could finally sit back and look at what I had completed and was really pleased. I didn’t know how it would turn out and had not done anything like this before. While I was making it I wasn’t too sure if it would work out but I am glad I didn’t give up and push it to the bottom of the work pile, as it looks even better than I hoped. It’s not the biggest of blankets but I am happy with that as it looks great on the back of one of my chairs  that needs recovered. I have wanted to make it look better for a while! It’s also the perfect size for just a small lap blanket, perfect for when it’s not cold enough for a large snugly blanket and you just want something to take the chill off your lap! I am so glad I can finally use it – I knew all the hard work would be worth it!


Granny Square A Week Blanket Project: Part 8 – We’re Finally On Our Way Ladies, Hold On!


Finally after weeks of work (on and off) and several balls of wool the grannies are finished, all 31 (I under counted how many I had previously) are ready to be put into formation and attached together! Hopefully I will get this finished over the next few days, I am really excited to get them all together and see how they look!

The final arrivals are:

Granny Maudie
Granny Ellen
Granny Valerie

Granny Square A Week Blanket Project: Part 7 – Hold the bus….Some Grannies Almost Got Left Behind!


I am still trudging through the granny squares, and the end is finally in sight! I have now managed to make another 4 (26 now made in total) and there are only 2 more left to do until I have completed all the the granny squares available as no more are appearing on the app.

Once I have finished them all I will lay them out and decide whether I have enough for a blanket or whether I need to find some more granny square patterns to make up the numbers so it will be big enough! – I think I may need a few more as it might be a bit small as it is but I will see. Then comes the challenge of putting then all together which is going to be interesting as not all of them are the same size!! I may be adding some rows onto a few of them which are a big smaller than the rest to match the sizes up a bit. Hopefully there are enough of each different size to make a row of each size square. I also need to decide how I am going to attach them together and with what colour! Decisions decisions…. I’m putting it off until I have to do it as I can’t quite decide at the moment I know something will pop in to my head!

Until then, hop on board;

Granny Barbara
Granny June
Granny Florence
Granny Audrey

Hope you enjoy the trip!