Minecraft Mooshroom corner to corner crochet cow storage case pattern

After Steve I decided to make a Mooshroom cow storage case as well – they make up so quickly and are so handy its hard to stop making more!

This one is a bit bigger than the Steve at 23x13cm.



Once you have completed the pattern fold the case in half with wrong sides together and slip stitch down either side to secure.

Take the zip and sew onto the top edge of the case.


Next take a piece of fabric 23x27cm and fold in half with wrong sides together and sew down either side to secure.  Fold the top edge over by 1cm and press.  Place the lining inside the case and slip stitch around to secure.


Minecraft Steve corner to corner storage case

I’ve had a few Minecraft storage cases on my list since my Creeper and Ghast cases (a few is an understatement to be honest!).  The first is a Steve, this is slightly smaller than the Creeper and Ghast as the pattern worked out better in a smaller size and I wanted a smaller size for putting some smaller things into to!.


It measures 15cm x 12cm when completed.

Corner to Corner pattern:

steve minecraft

Once you have completed the corner to corner crochet finish off all loose ends fold in half with wrong sides together and slip stitch down the sides to secure.

Take your zip and sew into the top edge opening of the case, placing the sides of the zip  into the case.


Cut a piece of fabric 15cmx24cm and fold in half with right sides together.  Sew down each side, then place into the case.  Fold the top edge over by 1cm and sew to secure.



Another flurry into corner to corner crochet with these Minecraft Creeper and Ghast storage cases

IMG_3922    IMG_3930IMG_3938

Following my first successful attempt at corner to corner crochet with my corner to corner hearts blanket I decided to venture back and try something else.  I have had an idea for some crochet storage cases for a while now and combined with my like for making things Minecraft related I decided to combine to two and make some Minecraft themed storage cases.

After digging out my graph paper again I got started on the patterns for a Creeper and a Ghast (I was thinking of starting with a mooshroom cow but didn’t have any red!).  once I had got the pattern sorted I could get started on the crochet part.


ghast c2c



These cases measure up at approximately 20 x 11 cm, when using DK wool and a 4 mm crochet hook.   The Ghast uses 3 colours (grey, black, white) and the Creeper uses 4 (black, dark green, medium green, light/sage green).


IMG_3888    IMG_3889

After I had completed the crochet part and sewn in all the loose ends it was time to put the cases together.  Taking one of the cases I folded it in half with the right sides together and slip stitched down the two sides.



After turning it back out it was time to sew on the zip.  I used a 20 cm zip but make sure you measure along the top edge of your finished case to ensure your zip size due to variations in wool and tension.  Before sewing in the zip I completed a few stitches at the bottom of the zip to hold the loose ends together which makes it much easier for sewing in.


I first sewed the zip along one of the top edges, then opened the zip and sewed it to the other side.

img_3895.jpg  img_3897.jpg

I decided to add some lining to my case just to ensure no bits could fall out.  I opted for lining which had a white wrong side and pattern on the right side for my Ghast so that you wouldn’t see any pattern through the case but would on the inside, however, you could choose any pattern or colour you would like.   To do this I cut a piece of fabric (for each case) 21 x 22 cm and folded this in half (placing right sides together) so I had a piece 21 x 11 cm and sewed down the sides.



I then folded the top edge over by 0.5 cm and pressed it so it would hold, then I was able to sew the lining into the case by placing the lining inside the case, pinning it in place with the top edge of the lining 0.5 cm from the zip and securing using a slip stitch.

img_3900.jpg   IMG_3901



IMG_3908       IMG_3909

Crochet Granny cal18 comes to an end – finished just in time!

I’ve been working on a crochet granny along over the last 6 weeks by Zeens and Roger


It’s been great fun getting all the granny squares made for this – I was a bit worried I would be tight on time for getting them all finished but I managed to get them all made and put together with a few days to spare!

Now it’s all finished you can see the final pattern of the blanket – a Minecraft earth block blanket. I do like my Minecraft makes – I’ve already made a creeper blanket, creeper, squid, ghast blanket, mooshroom cow blanket, and a wolf blanket and I still have a few more ideas for some more!

I made the blanket 10×10 grannies and completed 2 rows of sc stitches around the whole blanket once I had sewn it all together.

So glad I joined in with this CAL I’m looking forward to taking part in another one!

After a bit of a false start I have completed another granny square Minecraft blanket, this time a wolf!   

I had originally planned to make a snow golum Minecraft blanket next after the creeper, mooshroom cow and ghast, and had even got underway making a couple of grannies. However, after I had finished one ball of wool I hit a bit of a obstacle when I found I couldn’t find any wool in the right colours I was needing to finish it! I needed some different shades of orange and struggled to find any in shades different to what I had already used. Without these different shades I wouldn’t be able to get a good pixelated effect. So for now I have put the snow golum on hold whilst I find some other colours that will work.
Instead I decided to start work on a wolf blanket instead as I had the wools I need to be able to do this. Similarly to my other Minecraft blankets I’ve opted to use a different granny square and I found the pattern for this one over on:
I completed 8 increasing rows to get the size I wanted before starting on the decrease.

To get the half squares around be mouth I completed a seperate mouth piece consisting of 5 peach squares and 4 black squares and attached this onto the completed blanket, where I had placed browns and greys where the mouth piece would be going.

I like how different this granny square is and I think it worked out really well.

I finally managed to get all the grannies assembled and in their correct positions to finish my Minecraft Ghast blanket! 

Has taken me a little while to get the final few grannies for this ghast blanket finished but I had a little flurry of making them and finally got all 100 finished and sewn together. I love the effect of this granny square and the pattern I used is over on:


 It’s been great using different types of granny square for each of the Minecraft blankets I have made so far, (mooshroom cow, creeper) and I have found another one to try for my next Minecraft blanket I have in mind – you would think I would have had enough of these granny squares blankets by now, but I keep finding new grannies and other Minecraft blankets I want to make!

The grannies are assembling again, I think it may take me a while to get this next set finished – they never like to meet in small numbers in my house!

After the success of my two Minecraft blankets (mooshroom, creeper) I’m on my way with the next one, this time I’m going for a ghast to match the ghast soft toy I previously made a pattern for. I opted to use a different granny square pattern to the Minecraft creeper (traditional granny square) and mushroom cow (solid granny square) blankets, as I wanted to make it a bit different and am using a filet starburst Granny square which is similar to the solid granny square but has a gap in the middle of each side. The pattern for this lovely granny square is available for free over on:


Again I need 100 grannies, I never seem to do these in small quantities! So far I’ve got 50 completed, hopefully the next 50 go as smoothly….

Floating in with a wail and a howl comes a Minecraft ghast, watch out for any fireballs! 

Following on from my creeper and squid patterns I next decided to make a pattern for a ghast. This pattern comprised of the square body, 9 legs, and quite a bit of stitched face and body detailing. This black detailing is what really brings the ghast to life, through my personal preference I opted just to do the black closed eyes ghast facial expression rather than the red eyes, but you could do whichever you prefer.

Minecraft ghast pattern: 


5mm hook

100g ball of white chunky wool

50g ball of black chunky wool

Sides (make 6):

Row 1: Dc into 2nd ch from hook, dc along row

Rows 2-15: ch1(doesn’t count as a stitch) dc along row
Legs (make 9):

Make a magic ring, ch1, 6dc into ring
Round 1-11: dc around
Sew the sides together than sew in the base, stuff and finally sew on the top. Slightly stuff the legs and sew on to the base. Hand sew on the face and body detail using the black chunky wool.
Right side:



Left side:  

Speedily swimming in is a new pattern for a Minecraft squid! 

The next Minecraft pattern I decided to make was for a squid. This pattern basically consists of just a rectangle and 8 legs so hasn’t got too much to it and doesn’t take too long to make as a result. I am really happy with how it came out, I think it was the eye and mouth detail that really finished it off as I was a bit unsure before adding it how good it would look, but I knew I had got it right once I had finished the eyes.

Minecraft squid pattern: 

5mm hook

150g of blue chunky wool

Some black and white wool for adding eye and teeth detail
Front and back (make 2):


Row 1: Dc into 2nd ch from hook, dc along row

Rows 2-20: ch1 (doesn’t count as a stitch) dc along row
Sides (make 2): 


Row 1: Dc into 2nd ch from hook, dc along row

Rows 2-20: ch1(doesn’t count as a stitch) dc along row
Top and bottom (make 2):


Row 1: Dc into 2nd ch from hook, dc along row

Rows 2-12: ch1(doesn’t count as a stitch) dc along row
Legs (make 8):

Make a magic ring, ch1, 8dc into ring

Rounds 1-19: dc around
Red mouth:


Dc 2nd ch from hook, dc along rest of row

Row 2-9: Dc along row
Putting together:

Sew the sides and base together, put in stuffing and then sew on the top. Sew the red mouth into the middle of the base of the squid. Place a small amount of stuffing in the legs and see these onto the base around the side of the mouth. Using white wool sew on some teeth and the whites of the eyes. Using black sew on the black parts of the eyes.