Sewing How To: Finishing A Completed Embroidery Hoop Project – Backing And Hoop Decorating. Perfect Scrap Busting Project

Wrapping an embroidery hoop: A perfect way to finish off completed embroidery/sewing makes when displaying them in an embroidery hoop

So you’ve got your embroidery hoop design competed it’s now time to get it in its display hoop and show it off.

I often just leave the embroidery hoop plain or paint them to add a little more colour into the project. Another great way of decorating the hoop is to use fabric, this is also a great way of using up scrap fabrics.

And finally once your happy with you hoop it’s time to finish off the back to project it. the following ‘how to’ will show how to wrap an embroidery hoop with fabric and how to back it and create a loop ready for display.

How to – Covering/wrapping an embroidery hoop:

  1. Cut strips of fabric 4cm wide and sew them together.
  2. Fold the raw edges inwards and press.
  3. Wrap the folded fabric around the hoop using a clip to hold the start in place.
  4. Once the whole hoop is wrapped secure the start and end with a few stitches.

How to – Backing an embroidery hoop:

  1. Take your finished project and place into the hoop.
  2. Leaving a 5cm gap from the edge of the hoop cut away the excess fabric.
  1. Sew around 1cm from the edge of the fabric and pull tight to close the gap. Sew to secure.
  1. Cut a circle of felt big enough to cover the gap in the back of the project and sew on to cover. You can also cover the entire back of the project if you prefer.

To create a display loop:

  1. Cut 2 strips of 20x4cm wide fabric.
  2. Place pieces right sides together, sew around leaving top edge unsewn, turn out the right way and slip stitch the gap closed.
  3. Thread the fabric strip through the metal clasp section and sew the two edges together to secure and complete the loop.

Embroidery Hoop Sewing Tutorial: Hot Air Balloon Design Using Fabric Yo Yos – Perfect Nursery Decoration/Baby Gift

I love using fabric yo yos on a project, they are great fun to make, add texture to a design and are perfect for using up scrap fabrics.

I have put together a little how to make fabric yo yo tutorial so you can see how to make lots of yo yos for this and future projects.

I received some amazing Peter Rabbit fabric from The Craft Cotton Company which I knew would be perfect for a nursery make/baby gift. I have been wanting to make a nursery themed embroidery hoop for a while now so decided to combine the fabric and some fabric yo yos to make a hot air balloon themed embroidery hoop.

This would also make a great cushion, or wall hanging if you don’t want to use an embroidery hoop. You could always use buttons for the balloon top instead of yo yos, or do a mix of both.

You can find this tutorial along with lots of others over on The Craft Cotton Company blog.

Fabric gifted by The Craft Cotton Company.

Hot Air Ballon Embroidery Hoop Nursery Decoration


  • Peter Rabbit fat quarter set by The Craft Cotton Company.
  • Paper.
  • Pencil.
  • Scissors.
  • Compass/some thing round with a 5cm and 7cm diameter to make the fabric yo yo template.
  • Needle.
  • Thread.
  • Embroidery thread in 2 shades of brown.
  • Embroidery hoop (25cm).
  • Felt to cover the back of the hoop.

Making the hot air balloon

  • Choose one of the fat quarters the form the background fabric. Place into the embroidery hoop.
  • Using the lighter brown thread sew a basket shape onto the fabric using long running stitches.
  • Fill in the basket shape using long stitches.
  • Using the darker thread, weave in and out of the long stitches to create the basket effect.
  • Make a paper template for the fabric yo yos using the compass/something circular to create two sizes of yo yo 5cm and 7cm in diameter.
  • Using the template cut out the fabric yo yos, with 9 large (7cm) and 5 small (5cm).
  • Fold in the edge of the yo yo by 0.5cm and sew around, pull together and sew to secure (more details on how to make a fabric yo yo can be found on this fabric yo yo how to).
  • Sew 4 long lines to create the balloon ropes.
  • Sew on the yo yos to make the balloon shape.
  • Cut away the excess fabric from around the hoop leaving 10cm remaining.
  • Sew around the edge and pull to close, sew to secure.
  • Cut a piece of felt big enough to cover the gap. Place over the gap and sew to secure.
  • Create a hanging loop using the embroidery thread.

Crochet Christmas Santa Drawstring Bag Pattern

Just had to make one more Santa themed make!

I’ve really enjoyed making all my Santa themed items over the last few weeks (storage baskets with beards and without beards), so I decided to do just one more (for now..!) and here it is – a Santa drawstring bag.

This is perfect for gifting things in this Christmas and I already have got a few made so I can pop some gifts into them.

The pattern for this is available over on my Etsy and Ravelry shops.

Now its time to get a move on with my remaining Christmas ideas!

Sewing Tutorial: Quick Christmas Mini Stockings

Continuing on from my Christmas Tree makes are these mini stockings, these are great  for putting little presents into and they can easily by personalised by sewing a name onto them.  Added bonus with these is they are quick to make – perfect for any last minute gifts.  

I made these using Christmas Birdhouse fabric by The Craft Cotton Company.

Fabric was gifted by The Craft Cotton Company.

Mini Fabric Stocking Tutorial:

Cut out a paper template the size you want your stocking to be, then cut out 4 pieces of fabric in two different colours to give you a front and back in one colour and a front and back lining piece in another colour.  Cut out two pieces of batting the same size.

Cut out 2 pieces of fabric 4 x 28cm to make the loop.  Place these two pieces right sides together sew around leaving the top edge unsewn.  Turn out the right way.

Place a piece of batting down then the back piece right side up on top, fold the loop in half and place with its raw edges against the raw edges of the side of the stocking,  followed by the right side down front piece and a final piece of batting.  Sew around leaving the top unsewn.  Turn out the right way.

Take the lining pieces and place right side together and sew around leaving the top edge unsewn.

Place the lining inside the stocking and fold the top edge of the stocking inwards by 1 cm and the lining outwards by 1cm, slip stitch around to secure.

Crochet Christmas Elf Storage Baskets Pattern

Add a bit of a Christmas theme to your storage with these Elf storage baskets.

These Elf baskets came from an idea I had for gifting this year as I thought they would be perfect for putting a gift inside such as sweets or any other loose items – rather than a basket hamper you can have an Elf hamper!

You can also get a drawstring gift bag version of these Christmas Elf’s.

Pattern now available over on my Etsy and Ravelry shops.

Crochet Tumbling Blocks Effect Heart Cushion: Part 1


Since making my tumbling blocks pineapple blanket and pineapple cushion I have had a few more tumbling projects in the works and the first out is this heart cushion.  I added some textures to the heart blocks with some bobbles to make them really stand out from the background and give a textured feel and opted to use two different pinks one on the front heart and one on the back, though you could do them both the same if you preferred.

Pattern for this is now available on my Etsy and Ravelry shops.

I always have a slightly different version of a heart tumbling block cushion available.