Slowly making progress on the Christmas makes – next up a Embroidered flower embroidery hoop.

Now I have got my sewing Christmas makes (Trees, Stockings) out of the way I have been able to focus on finishing some of the embroidery makes I have been working on over the last few months. First one completed is a embroidered flowers embroidery hoop.  The pattern is one I put together using a pattern from Crossstitcher magazine (April 2018).  The original pattern was too big to fit in the hoop I was using so I used bits from the pattern to fill the hoop.


I covered the hoop with fabric by sewing strips of 4cm wide fabric together and folding the raw edges inwards, I then wrapped this around the hoop.  I created a loop using 2 strips of 20x4cm wide fabric (place pieces right sides together, sew around leaving top edge unsewn, turn out the right way and slip stitch the gap closed).

Christmas Mini Stockings

Continuing on from my Christmas Tree makes are these mini stockings, these are great  for putting little presents into and they can easily by personalised by sewing a name onto them.

I made these using Christmas Birdhouse fabric by The Craft Cotton Company.

To make a stocking:

Cut out a paper template the size you want your stocking to be, then cut out 4 pieces of fabric in two different colours to give you a front and back in one colour and a front and back lining piece in another colour.  Cut out two pieces of batting the same size.

Cut out 2 pieces of fabric 4 x 28cm to make the loop.  Place these two pieces right sides together sew around leaving the top edge unsewn.  turn out the right way.

Place a piece of batting down then the back piece right side up on top, fold the loop in half and place with its raw edges against the raw edges of the side of the stocking,  followed by the right side down front piece and a final piece of batting.  Sew around leaving the top unsewn.  Turn out the right way.

Take the lining pieces and place right side together and sew around leaving the top edge unsewn.

Place the lining inside the stocking and fold the top edge of the stocking inwards by 1 cm and the lining outwards by 1cm, slip stitch around to secure.

Crochet elf storage baskets

Add a bit of a Christmas theme to your storage with these Elf storage baskets.

These Elf baskets came from an idea I had for gifting this year as I thought they would be perfect for putting a gift inside such as sweets or any other loose items – rather than a basket hamper you can have an Elf hamper!

Pattern in available over on my Etsy shop:

Tumbling blocks crochet heart cushion

Since making my tumbling blocks pineapple blanket and cushion I have had a few more tumbling projects in the works and the first out is this heart cushion.  I added some textures to the heart blocks with some bobbles to make them really stand out from the background and give a textured feel and opted to use two different pinks one on the front heart and one on the back, though you could do them both the same if you preferred.

The pattern is available on my Etsy shop:




Take a journey out into space with a space themed wall hanging

When I first saw the Star Gazer fat quarter set by The Craft Cotton Company I knew straight away what to make with it – an appliqué wall hanging, the fabric colours and patterns were perfect.

I opted to have a space rocket travelling through a star filled space surrounded by planets and stars and am really pleased with how it’s turned out.

The tutorial is available over on The Craft Cotton Company blog:

More bees are buzzing in with this sewing case

I loved using The Craft Cotton Company Sewing Bumblebee fabric on my bee embroidery hoop, and after seeing the spilt pins print in the Sewing Bumblebee fat quarter set (Navy) knew I had to make a sewing case for keeping all those loose needles and pins in from a project. It was perfect for the inside section, and I used the remaining patterns in the fat quarter to make a patchwork front and back.

The tutorial to make one is available over on The Craft Cotton Company blog:

Time for some embroidered hoop making adventures, into the woodland first with this very cute fox


I have had an idea for some embroidered hoops for a while now and have finally had a chance to sit down and draw up the patterns and start getting them made. They have come together surprisingly quickly as I thought it would take a lot longer to do the stitching, this is a bonus as it means I will be able to get more made in the time I have!.   I had some green Ombre Trends fabric by The Craft Cotton Company in my stash that was perfect for my first hoop make – a little fox.


I first drew out the outline of my fox on paper and went around in a dark marker so I could see the lines through the fabric. Next I traced the outline onto my fabric in pencil. I went around these outlines using a back stitch, and next filled in these outlines using different stitch patterns.


Once I had completed the fox I made sure it was aligned correctly in the hoop I wanted to put it in and made sure I tightened the hoop well. I cut away the excess fabric at the back 4cm from the edge of the hoop and stitched around 2cm from the edge, pulling it tight to bring in the raw edges to the middle. To cover the back I cut a piece of felt slightly smaller than the hoop and stitched this onto the back.




I attached a ribbon loop  (30cm) to the top of the hoop through the hoop fastening along with a ribbon bow (55cm).



I have a few more of these hoops in the making so it wont be long until a few more pop up on here…..



Fruity crochet Apple coasters pattern   

I had an idea to make some apple coasters a long time ago, way way back when I made some apple tags, but I had completely forgotten about this until recently when I came across some green wool in my stash which was the same colour as these previous tags. I wasn’t going to wait any longer to get some made in case they got forgotten about again so I got cracking and put a pattern for some together. I opted to just make three coasters to start, a front and back and a middle piece, but you could add in more middle pieces too if you wanted a few more coasters in the set. I opted to use green but you could use red if you prefer.

Apple coasters pattern:


4 mm hook

Green or red Dk wool

Cream/white DK wool

Brown DK wool


For the front and back coaster:

Starting in green

Make a magic ring, ch1, 6sc into the ring.

Round 1: 2sc into each sc in the round

Round 2: 2sc into the next stitch, sc. Repeat around

Round 3: 2sc into the next stitch, 2sc. Repeat around

Round 4: 2sc into the next stitch, 3sc. Repeat around

Round 5: 2sc into the next stitch, 4sc. Repeat around

Round 6: sc around

Round 7: 2sc into the next stitch, 5sc. Repeat around

Round 8: sc sround

Round 9: slip stitch around into each sc


Fasten off


For the middle apple coasters:


Starting in cream/white

Make a magic ring, ch1, 6sc into the ring.

Round 1: 2sc into each sc in the round

Round 2: 2sc into the next stitch, sc. Repeat around

Round 3: 2sc into the next stitch, 2sc. Repeat around

Round 4: 2sc into the next stitch, 3sc. Repeat around

Round 5: 2sc into the next stitch, 4sc. Repeat around

Round 6: sc around

Round 7: 2sc into the next stitch, 5sc. Repeat around

Round 8: sc sround

Change to green

Round 9: slip stitch around into each sc

Round 10: slip stitch around again into the previous rows slip stitches.




Insert the hook at the top of the apple into a row down from the last row of the apple, ch 4, slip stitch into the 2nd chain from the hook and the remaining chain stitches, slip stitch at the base.



Row 1: ch2, 2sc into second ch from the hook

Row 2: ch1 (doesn’t count as a stitch) 2sc into same stitch, sc

Row 3: ch1 (doesn’t count as a stitch) sc along row

Row 4: ch1 (doesn’t count as a stitch) sc2tog, sc

Row 5: ch1 (doesn’t count as a stitch) sc2tog

sc around the edge of the leaf.

Fasten off leaving a long thread to sew a line down the centre of the leaf and to attach to the stem.



Using the brown wool sew on 4 little pips 4 rounds up from the middle of the apple.

A drawstring bottle bag, a solution for me to put bottle gifts in this year rather than fighting with a piece of paper!

I always have problems wrapping up bottles as gifts, although to be honest anything that isn’t a square box tends to give me problems! I can never get the paper to look right without it tearing a few times and rather than just buying a paper bottle bag I thought I would make one.  I wanted to make something a bit different to my previous crochet bottle holder that I made so I thought I would do a fabric one using some very cute Craft Cotton Company penguin fabric.


I am really impressed with how this came out, I might do some smaller ones for some beer bottles I have as gift too – obviously I don’t have enough things I need to make in time for Christmas already!

Drawstring bottle bag:  

  • Cut a piece of penguin fabric 12 inches long by 11 1/2 inches wide. 
  • Next cut a piece of the red zigzag fabric, 12 inches long by 3 1/2 inches wide.


  • Place the zigzag piece right sides together at the top of the penguin fabric with the bottom edge of the zigzag fabric lined up with the top edge of the penguin fabric and sew along to join.



  • Fold the fabric in half with the red zigzag fabric along the top of the bag and place right sides together.  Now starting 6 1/2 Inches from the top of the fabric sew down the side and along the bottom of the bag.  Turn out the right way.



  • Fold over the top edge by 1cm, and then on both the front and back side seams, fold in the raw edges by 1 cm.  Next fold the zigzag fabric inwards so it lines up with where you started sewing the front and back together – now pin and sew along the bottom edge. Now sew another line 2cm up from the previous line.



  • Thread through the ribbon for the drawstring, fold over the end of the ribbon a few times and sew to stop it fraying.



  • Slipstitch closed the side seam above the drawstring section.