This flamingo cushion will always stand out from the crowd!

I’ve had the idea for a flamingo cushion for a while now and when I received some Essential Trends fat quarters in pink by The Craft Cotton Company I knew they would be perfect for making one with.

It was great fun putting this cushion together and I have kept him sat on my craft desk as it makes me smile whenever I look at it – I will have to make some to go in some other rooms!

The tutorial to make your own is available over on The Craft Cotton Company blog :

Time to get quacking with your very own mallard duck crochet hooded blanket 

The hooded blanket makes are continuing with this very happy mallard duck.  

There are now also two sizes in the pattern  for all the hooded blankets. 

Pattern is available over on my Etsy shop:

Make your own circus of puffins with this crochet hooded puffin blanket pattern


Ive been working on a few more crochet hooded blanket patterns over the last few months and there are bits of different animals and birds gathering up in my craft basket and starting to overflow all over the place!. In an attempt to reduce the crammed conditions in the craft basket I have managed to get a few put together, the first is a very cute puffin.

The pattern is available over on my Etsy shop:

Paisley Bird pillow tutorial

I completed this sewing tutorial for The Craft Cotton Company using their lovely Paisley Bird fabric range. I love the bright colours and the bird detail of these fabrics, they are sure to brighten up any day. 

The tutorial to make one is available for free over on The Craft Cotton Company Blog:

I can’t wait for the weather to improve so I can get this bunting out to brighten up my garden, I hope I won’t be waiting for too long!

Soon as I saw this bird fabric I knew it would be perfect for some bunting I was wanting to make and I paired it with some yellow and red fabric I had already in my stash. I think I have been a bit overly optimistic with making this so early in preparation for hanging outside, I have a feeling I may be impatiently waiting quite a while for the weather to warm up a little more and the rain stop a bit so I can get it outside.  

Bird bunting

Fabric in your chosen colours, I used a bird fabric and a yellow and red 

Bias binding 



1- Make a template for the bunting 

Cut a paper template out measuring 18×22 cm, or to whatever sized triangle you want.


2- Cut out the fabric

Cut out two fabric pieces for each piece of bunting
3- Sewing the bunting

Placing right sides together sew down each side of the bunting, leaving the top unsewn. Turn the right way around. 
4- Sewing the bunting to the binding 

Starting 10cm from the start of the binding, place a piece of bunting into the bias binding so half the binding folds to the back and half to the front and pin. Leave a gap from this piece of bunting, I left 8cm, and then pin the next piece of bunting. Repeat this process until all the bunting pieces are pinned in place then machine sew along the edge of the binding.  


5- Finishing the binding 

At the start and end, fold the binding over twice and slip stitch down the edge to secure, this will hide the raw edge.  


The last pieces have been completed and carefully scuttling its way out of my craft bag is a kiwi bird 

I never thought I would reach the end of these but I have reached the bottom of my craft bag and all the bird parts have been successfully been put together, the last to be completed was this lovely kiwi bird. I have been putting this one off to last as I wasn’t looking forward to adding the feather detail as I thought it would take me forever. However, the time came when I could no longer out it off and couldn’t leave the poor bird bald so I knuckled down to finish it. I was pleasantly surprised that it didn’t take that long to do and I had it finished after 2 evenings – not that speedy I know, but I was expecting a lot worse.  

This bird is from Kerry Lords book, Edwards menagerie: birds.
There’s still quite a few birds in the book left I want to make so I’m sure it won’t be long until a couple more appear! 

Following the flamingo out of a tangle of wings and beaks and squawking happily, a macaw 

The number of bird bits remaining in my craft bag are slowly reducing – there’s only a few left in there now and the next completed bird to make its way out is this lovely macaw.

I love the bright colours of this macaw, perfect to brighten up any dull day.

This macaw is from Kerry Lords book, Edwards menagerie: birds.

After a short break the birds are back, and first out the bag is a fabulous flamingo 

I have had a random assortment of legs, beaks, wings and bodies in my craft bag for a while now since my last flurry of bird makes, and have finally found some time to make the final few pieces and put these birds together. The first completed and strutting out happily is a very fabulous and very pink flamingo.  

The pattern for this flamingo is from Kerry Lords book, Edwards Menagerie: birds 

Flying hungrily out of the slowly shrinking bag of bird works in progress to catch some fish one very happy pelican

As soon as I saw this pattern in Edwards Menagerie: birds by Kerry Lord I knew I had to make it, and I just had to make some little fishes for him to catch in his beak! 

My bag of bird makes in progress is now slowly starting to thin out a bit, I now only have a flamingo, macaw and a kiwi bird to finish off and put together! After those I think I will be taking a little break from the birds, otherwise I won’t get any of my other makes finished! 
Fish pattern 

Ch2, 2dc into second ch from hook
Row 1: ch1 (doesn’t count as stitch) 2dc into same stitch twice 

Row 2-3: ch1 (doesn’t count as stitch) dc along row 

Row 4: ch1 (doesn’t count as stitch) dc2tog twice 

Row 5: ch1 (doesn’t count as stitch) dc along row 

Row 6: ch1 (doesn’t count as stitch) 2dc into same stitch twice 

Row 7: ch1 (doesn’t count as stitch) 2dc into same stitch, 2dc, 2dc into same stitch 
ch1 and slip stitch around the edge of the fish