Crochet Love Heart Detail Storage Basket Pattern

February means it’s time for some more love themed makes – a crochet heart storage basket is the first out the craft bag

I always start the year with lots of heart themed makes and following on from my woven heart cushion the heart theme continues with a heart detail crochet storage basket!

This is great for gifting although I’ll be keeping this one for myself (might have to make another for a gift!). The pattern for this basket is the free and exclusive pattern for my Patreon subscribers this month:

Now to get cracking on the rest of my heart themed makes!

Sewing Tutorial: Woven Love Heart Cushion

I wanted to make a heart themed cushion – but wanted something a little different than normal, and after a bit of thinking and a few sketches of ideas I decided I wanted to try and do a woven heart appliqué cushion. I wasn’t too sure whether it would work as it’s been a long time since I made any woven paper hearts and I didn’t know I’d it would look as good using fabric instead. After a few disasters with making the paper templates I got my paper pattern for the heart sorted and got cracking on with cutting it out and sewing it to the cushion front.

I am really glad I went with this woven heart idea as it’s worked out really well – I’m thinking of doing a cushion with a few smaller versions of the hearts in different colours next!

The fabric is from the Nursery Basics fat quarter set and was gifted by The Craft Cotton Company, and the tutorial to make one is available over on their blog:

Lots Of Love Crochet Wall Hanging Pattern

I was a bit worried I wouldn’t get this finished in time for Friday but after putting all other projects to one side and making sure I focused on getting this one finished I have managed to get it completed with a couple of days to go.

I hadn’t thought about adding the heart details with the tassels but when I had finished it I wanted to put on a little bit more heart detail and decided a few hearts at the bottom would add that extra detail.

This make is also perfect for Valentines day.

Pattern for this is now available on my Etsy and Ravelry shops.

Sewing Tutorial: Love Writing Cushion


There can never be too much love – add even more with a love cushion

I think we could all do with a bit more love around and this cushion adds just that little bit more to a room.  Its would also be a perfect gift for Valentines day which is sneaking up on us.

I received some fabric from The Craft Cotton Company and the light greys and pinks were perfect as I wanted the colours to be quite subtle and didn’t want anything too pink – which is unusual for me as I am a fan of very bright colours!

The tutorial to make this is available over on The Craft Cotton Company’s blog along with lots of other great makes.

Crochet Tumbling Blocks Effect Heart Cushion Pattern – Take 2!


After completing my tumbling blocks cushion I decided I wanted to do another without a background and using a different textured stitch, and from that a new tumbling blocks cushion was born.

Pattern for this is now available on my Etsy and Ravelry shops.

Crochet Tumbling Blocks Effect Heart Cushion: Part 1


Since making my tumbling blocks pineapple blanket and pineapple cushion I have had a few more tumbling projects in the works and the first out is this heart cushion.  I added some textures to the heart blocks with some bobbles to make them really stand out from the background and give a textured feel and opted to use two different pinks one on the front heart and one on the back, though you could do them both the same if you preferred.

Pattern for this is now available on my Etsy and Ravelry shops.

I always have a slightly different version of a heart tumbling block cushion available.