Wooden Cross Stitch Flowers Gift

It can’t be that difficult can it?….This wooden cross stitch gift was definitely more tricky than I thought!

I’ve often seen cross stitch makes where the cross stitch is completed onto a wooden background and have often thought I should see if I can make one. I finally decided it was time a few weeks ago when I started to make a cross stitch gift.

I found some would which I thought would be ok and I drew out my design onto some graph paper which gave me the locations of where I would need to drill the holes into the wood. So far, so good!

I stuck the design down to the wood using masking tape and was ready to start making the holes. This was where it began to get tricky – I managed to drill a hole in completely the wrong place, annoyed was an understatement! So the pattern was drawn out again and put onto a new piece of wood, this time I managed to tear the pattern by drilling too far down into the wood – then again the holes messed up!

Third time I had success – by this point I was behind to loose hope that I would be able to make this work but by slowing down a little (well a lot – we’re talking snail pace here) I was able to get all the holes made. Next it was time to paint and despite being very careful I still managed to clog some of the holes with paint so needed to clear those before I could start sewing.

The sewing part was a lot less stressful and unlike the wooden backing had no mistakes – with all the issues I had with the back I was expecting more trouble!

Really like how it turned out but it may be a while before I make another of these – need to master my technique in making the backing board first!

Minecraft Steve Corner To Corner Storage Case Pattern


I’ve had a few Minecraft storage cases on my list since my Creeper and Ghast cases (a few is an understatement to be honest!).  The first is a Steve, this is slightly smaller than the Creeper and Ghast as the pattern worked out better in a smaller size and I wanted a smaller size for putting some smaller things into to!.

It measures 15cm x 12cm when completed.

Corner to Corner pattern:

steve minecraft
  • Once you have completed the corner to corner crochet finish off all loose ends fold in half with wrong sides together and slip stitch down the sides to secure.
  • Take your zip and sew into the top edge opening of the case, placing the sides of the zip  into the case.
  • Cut a piece of fabric 15cmx24cm and fold in half with right sides together.  Sew down each side, then place into the case.  Fold the top edge over by 1cm and sew to secure.

Crochet Gecko Bookmark

I found another bookmark pattern on Pinterest for a gecko which I knew would be perfect for some of my other book gifts, and had a wool in my stash which I have been wanting to use on a project for a while now – always an added bonus when you actually have the right wool already!

I have made 3 of these little cuties so far and will be doing a few more to go with my remaining book gifts…

Link to the pattern;

Amigurumi Crochet Gecko Bookmark – “Book-Gecko”


Sewing Tutorial: Cable Tidy Roll – Perfect Christmas Gift Make


I made this cable tidy roll tutorial for The Craft Cotton Company using their gorgeous Grayson Fat quarter set.  Perfect for keeping all those unruly cables untangled and in one place so you wont loose any.  This would make an ideal Christmas present for anyone who has lots of cables which like tying themselves together!

The tutorial is available for free over on their blog, along with lots of other great ideas.