Crochet Christmas Gnome Cushion Pattern Take Two: A Pair Of Christmas Gnomes! (Corner To Corner Crochet)

Since making my previous Christmas gnome corner to corner crochet cushion and gnome wall hanging I’ve been wanting to do a few more variations, however I’ve not had chance to make them yet as I’ve been so busy with other projects.

Finally I’ve had a gap between makes where I can squeeze in a few of these different variations and the first one completed is for a pair of Christmas gnomes – complete with pom poms on their hats!.

I have used different colours for the gnomes but you could always use the same colour for both, and you don’t have to use the blue and green either – they could be any colour you choose.

The pattern for this pair of Christmas gnomes cushion is available now over on my Etsy and Ravelry shops.

Keep an eye out for a few more variations of these Christmas gnomes over the next few weeks!

Crochet ‘Keeping It Cosy’ Dachshund Dog Cushion Pattern

I’ve been working on a few makes recently all of which have a dog theme to them – I decided to group them all together and have a dog themed month of makes a few months ago whilst working on some blankets so be prepared for a couple more over the next few weeks!

First up is a new dachshund themed cushion, this one is keeping extra warm in the chilly weather and has gone and got themselves a little jumper to wear!

I went for a wrap around design on this cushion so the rest of the body and kegs go around to the back of the cushion, this also means you could do have two of these cuties together side by side, one with the front section and one with the back section on show.

Pattern for this is available on my Etsy and Ravelry shops.

Sewing Tutorial: Monster Reading Cushion With Book Storage Pocket

This monster reading cushion is perfect for keeping a close eye (or two or maybe even three!) on your books!

I wanted to make a reading cushion and wanted a slightly different design, my eye then spotted the Cutest Little Monsters fat quarter set which I was gifted by The Craft Cotton Company and I knew I had to make a monster themed cushion!

What I love about this cushion is you can use the base cushion pattern and change the face details completely to get what ever monster you want just by adding a few more (or less) eyes, changing the hair or even the teeth. Even just changing the colours around will give a completely different looking monster.

The pattern to make this is now available over on The Craft Cotton Company blog.

Sewing Tutorial: Woven Love Heart Cushion

I wanted to make a heart themed cushion – but wanted something a little different than normal, and after a bit of thinking and a few sketches of ideas I decided I wanted to try and do a woven heart appliqué cushion. I wasn’t too sure whether it would work as it’s been a long time since I made any woven paper hearts and I didn’t know I’d it would look as good using fabric instead. After a few disasters with making the paper templates I got my paper pattern for the heart sorted and got cracking on with cutting it out and sewing it to the cushion front.

I am really glad I went with this woven heart idea as it’s worked out really well – I’m thinking of doing a cushion with a few smaller versions of the hearts in different colours next!

The fabric is from the Nursery Basics fat quarter set and was gifted by The Craft Cotton Company, and the tutorial to make one is available over on their blog:

Christmas Rudolph The Reindeer Crochet Cushion Pattern

Last make of the year finally completed – with a little time to spare too, trotting out is a crochet Rudolph reindeer cushion!

I decided not to take on as many Christmas makes this year as the last few years have been a disaster with trying to get everything completed on time and I end up still working on Christmas Eve!. Even though I cut back significantly I have been starting to get a bit worried that I still might not get everything completed in time.

However, my worries were unfounded and I have got the final Christmas make completed – with time to spare which is definitely a first for me! Only downside is all the other jobs I had put on hold to get it finished now need doing with only a few days to go – I better get a move on!.

After completing this cushion its also given me a few more ideas for Christmas cushion makes – these will have to wait until next year!

Pattern for this cushion is now available on my Etsy and Ravelry shops.

Sewing Tutorial: Christmas Patchwork Tree Cushion

Time for the Christmas makes to start….first out a patchwork tree cushion.

I received some lovely Christmassy fabric from the Snowy Woodland range by The Craft Cotton Company and after laying out all the different patterns the an idea of a Christmas tree cushion came to mind. I initially thought of doing some appliqué trees but then thought a patchwork tree cushion would be something a little bit different and decided to go with that.

I drew out my pattern so I could work out the length of all the pieces I would need to put the cushion together and decided the Mistletoe, Pinecone and Woodland Lodge fabrics would be perfect for the tree and background.

Super pleased with how this cushion turned out and if you would like to make one the tutorial is available over on The Craft Cotton Company blog.