Crochet Circles Texture Cushion Pattern: ‘Round In Circles’

Going round and round in circles with a ‘Round In Circles’ cushion

I really love my ‘Round In Circles’ blanket and wanted to make something else with the same stitch. After a little bit of thinking I started on making a cushion to go with my ‘Going Wavy’ cushion as I knew they would look really good together, especially with them both using the same colours.

I think this stitch gives a really good texture, and have a few more ideas in mind of some projects it would work great with – keep an eye out for some in the future!

Pattern for this cushion is now available on my Etsy and Ravelry shops.

Crochet Wavy Stitch Textured Cushion Pattern: Going Wavy Again

I loved the texture the of the wavy stitches on my ‘Going Wavy’ blanket and decided to make a matching cushion. I wasn’t sure whether I should go for the same colour or try it in a different colour but I really liked the purple and greg combination I had used on the blanket so used it again! I will definitely be making some more of these soon – in different colours next time too!

Pattern for this cushion is now available on my Etsy and Ravelry shops.

Crochet Corner To Corner Bee Cushion – Adding Fabric Backing Tutorial

Another Bee Cushion Is Buzzing It’s Way From The Craft Pile

I wanted to make another Buzzing Around Corner to Corner Crochet Cushion but rather than just having the same matching front and back I decided to put a fabric back onto the crochet front piece.

Pattern for this cushion is now available on my Etsy and Ravelry shops.

Fabric Cushion Back Tutorial:

After having a look in my stash I found some fabric which couldn’t have been more suitable – some bee patterned fabric by The Craft Cotton Company.

  • Using two different colours I cut two pieces 38x40cm and folded them in half to give me two back pieces.
  • To create the back I laid these two pieces down on the right side of the crochet front and overlapped them slightly.
  • By sewing the whole way around the edge of the cushion this secured the front and back together.

Crochet Corner to Corner Bee Cushion Pattern: ‘Buzzing About’

‘Buzzing About’ With Some Bumble Bees, Crochet Ones That Is

I wanted to make something that would be perfect for brightening up a room, and after a few sketches of corner to corner crochet pattern ideas I came up with a bumble bee design. I knew this was the one I wanted to make and what made it even better was I had all the wool colours I needed to make it – not often that happens!

I wanted something a bit different on the border around the cushion so threw in a stitch I don’t often get a chance to use – a billion stitch and am really glad I did.

I love cushions when they have Pom Pom details so decided to add four – one to each corner.

Pattern for this cushion is now available on my Etsy and Ravelry shops.

I’ve also completed one of these cushions using a fabric backing.

I Like this pattern so much I have a feeling this pattern may pop up again very soon in a slightly different make!

Sewing Tutorial: Love Writing Cushion


There can never be too much love – add even more with a love cushion

I think we could all do with a bit more love around and this cushion adds just that little bit more to a room.  Its would also be a perfect gift for Valentines day which is sneaking up on us.

I received some fabric from The Craft Cotton Company and the light greys and pinks were perfect as I wanted the colours to be quite subtle and didn’t want anything too pink – which is unusual for me as I am a fan of very bright colours!

The tutorial to make this is available over on The Craft Cotton Company’s blog along with lots of other great makes.

Sewing Tutorial: Hedgehog Patchwork Cushion

I wanted to make a hedgehog design on a cushion and decided that by using some patchwork triangles I could add some more texture to the cushion, and lots of triangles later and the hedgehog was completed! Think I might make another hedgehog cushion in the shape of a larger hedgehog and patchwork triangles on both sides.

Fabric was gifted by The Craft Cotton Company.

The fabric was the Chickie fat quarter set by The Craft Cotton Company and the tutorial is now available over on their blog.