Crochet Love Heart Detail Storage Basket Pattern

February means it’s time for some more love themed makes – a crochet heart storage basket is the first out the craft bag

I always start the year with lots of heart themed makes and following on from my woven heart cushion the heart theme continues with a heart detail crochet storage basket!

This is great for gifting although I’ll be keeping this one for myself (might have to make another for a gift!). The pattern for this basket is the free and exclusive pattern for my Patreon subscribers this month:

Now to get cracking on the rest of my heart themed makes!

Crochet Christmas Santa Storage Baskets Pattern Part 2! I Just had to add a beard….

While experimenting with the top ruffle section on my original Santa storage baskets an idea came into mind that I should try doing a bearded version of these baskets. This idea appeared after a particularly disastrous ruffle attempt where I had way to many ruffles within a stitch – some positives do sometimes appear out from a disaster it seems!

I love how the beard detail has come out on these baskets and can’t wait for their recipients to see them at Christmas.

Pattern for these along with the original baskets is available over on my Etsy and Ravelry shops:

Christmas Makes Are Continuing: Crochet Santa Storage Baskets Pattern

I’m in full Christmas makes mode at the moment and am slowly starting to make to some progress. This makes combines Christmas and one of my favourite types of makes – storage baskets, since making my Elf storage baskets last year I have been wanting to do a Santa version and I ran out of time last year so finally I have got them finished.

I actually had another idea half way through making these for a slightly different Santa version too – keep your eyes open for this different design over the next few days!.

The pattern to make these is now available over on my Etsy and Ravelry Shops:

Sewing Tutorial: Crocodile Storage/Pencil Case

I received the ‘Everglades’ fat quarter set by The Craft Cotton Company and soon as I saw the crocodile design I had an idea to make something crocodile themed.

I always need storage for stationary and especially for crochet hooks as I leave them all over the place and then wonder why I can’t find them anywhere! I decided to for a crocodile themed storage case – I didn’t want to go for a traditional zip topped case so I opted for a top opening case with a fold down top – which was perfect for the crocodiles head!

I tried a few different options with the eyes, but having them pop out the top I think looked the best – it gives a little more character to the case.

The tutorial to make this is free over on The Craft Cotton Company’s Blog

For more fabric pencil/storage case ideas, check out my Shark and Crocodile fabric rolls.

For crochet storage case ideas check out my Minecraft storage cases (Mooshroom Cow, Steve, Creeper, Ghast).

Sewing Fabric Storage Baskets: Perfect For Organising A Fabric Stash

I’ve been needing to organise my fabric for a while now – every time I open the cupboard it’s in I have to be quick to get what I want and get out again before it all falls out! I decided it was time to get it organised and soon realised I needed some more storage baskets to keep the smaller bits of fabric together in.

Luckily I put together a pattern a few years ago for The Craft Cotton Company to make some fabric storage baskets so I used that to make some more. I found some Lewis and Irene fabric in my stash to use – County Life for the outside and The Glen for the lining.

Now I’ve got it all tidy I can now get in my cupboard without having to avoid any falling bits of fabric – hopefully I can keep it tidy for a bit longer this time!

Pattern is available over on The Craft Cotton Company blog.

Crochet Summer Garden Storage Baskets Pattern – Time To Bring The Outside In

Bring a summer garden into your home with these crochet storage baskets

With all the wet and cold weather that’s been happening I decided to try and brighten things up a bit by making some summer garden themed storage baskets with flowers and bee details. They have definitely brought a bit of summer into the house, still horrible weather outside unfortunately – roll on summer!

Pattern now available over on my Etsy and Ravelry shops: