Craft Tutorial: Pom Pom Halloween Spider Decoration  

This Post was originally published back in 2015, but its had a little make over and its new and improved version is now here!.

This little one looks quite mean in these photos – he looks so much happier in person! Although the mean face is actually perfect for Halloween! Now to make some more Halloween themed Pom poms – First up a pumpkin.

I love making Pom poms, any chance and I’m making them. They are so easy and quick to make, perfect for Halloween decorations! I made some spiders last year but wanted to make a few more, this time I have stuck to using black orange and white but you could use any colours you like. Also size wise you can make these as big or as small as you please – I have made some really large ones before and they look great.

Halloween Pom Pom spider instructions:



  • Card.
  • Pencil.
  • Scissors.
  • Wool – in black, orange and white (or any other colours you prefer).
  • White Felt.

Making the pom pom spider:

  • Cut out two cardboard circles, I drew around a juice bottle to get the size I wanted, then I drew around a 2p coin in the middle of the bigger cardboard circle and cut it out. The bigger the spider you want – the bigger you should make the size of the cardboard circles.
  • Place these two cardboard circles on top of each other.
  • Next cut a long length of wool in one of you chosen colours, I started with dark blue. Hold on to the loose end on the cardboard circle then wrap the wool around the cardboard, when this length runs out continue in your next colour, my second was orange.  Continue this process until the circle in the centre of the cardboard is completely filled, towards the end you might find you need to thread the wool onto a needle to get it to go through. You want to make sure this centre is tightly filled otherwise it will easily fall apart.
  • Once you have first few rounds completed and the two cardboard circles are not going to move you can actually wrap around a few threads together at the same time to speed up the making a little bit, I did this with three threads together one of each of the three colours I was using.

  • Once the centre is full it is time to cut around the Pom Pom to remove it from the cardboard. To do this cut around the edge of the cardboard, making sure you cut in between the two cardboard pieces. Next take a length of wool and wrap around the strands making sure it is tied tightly – this is what holds the Pom Pom together. Next remove the cardboard and there’s your Pom Pom!


  • You need 8 legs in total, therefore you need 4 lengths of wool. I chose to do all the legs the same colour but you could do them in the different colours used.
  • Once the wool for the legs has been cut thread a length onto a needle and sew through the middle of the Pom Pom. I did mine 35 cm long for the size of spider I made, I like the legs to be long and dangly too! Repeat this for the remaining legs.


  • Cut out small white circles in felt for the eyes, then using black wool sew the felt into the Pom Pom making the centre pupil of the eye at the same time. To do this tie a knot into one end of the black wool, thread the other onto the needle and pull through from the back to the front, then sew back to the back and sew into the centre of the Pom Pom and then back out into the eye to secure it to the spider.
  • Now the white felt is fixed, sew from front to back on the white felt a few times to make the pupil. Fasten off and repeat for the other eye.


If you want a loop to be able to hang it up, take a long length of wool, tie a knot into one end, sew into centre of Pom Pom then leaving a long loop see back into the Pom Pom and fasten off.

All finished!


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