Crochet Granny cal18 comes to an end – finished just in time!

I’ve been working on a crochet granny along over the last 6 weeks by Zeens and Roger

It’s been great fun getting all the granny squares made for this – I was a bit worried I would be tight on time for getting them all finished but I managed to get them all made and put together with a few days to spare!

Now it’s all finished you can see the final pattern of the blanket – a Minecraft earth block blanket. I do like my Minecraft makes – I’ve already made a creeper blanket, creeper, squid, ghast blanket, mooshroom cow blanket, and a wolf blanket and I still have a few more ideas for some more!

I made the blanket 10×10 grannies and completed 2 rows of sc stitches around the whole blanket once I had sewn it all together.

So glad I joined in with this CAL I’m looking forward to taking part in another one!

Breathe in ladies, it’s starting to get quite full in here!

Squeezing into the stack of completed grannies (from the simply crochet granny square a week app) are five more! We have:

Granny Irene
Granny Iris
Granny Jemima
Granny Margot
Granny Bessie

I’ve only got a backlog of 11 now until I have finally caught up! It’s going to be a very tight squeeze in their storage box once they go in! Won’t be long now until I can put them all together into a quilt – I am waiting until I have got them all finished rather than making it up as I go so that I can lay them all out and decide where they look best placed.


The number of grannies is growing!

I am still slowly plodding on in my mission to catch up with the 1 a week granny square pattern from Simply Crochet, and have managed to rustle up a couple more! Welcome to the pack – First Granny, Granny Thelma, and Granny Joyce.


The finished pile is gradually increasing, only 22 to go until I have caught up! Luckily, I am really enjoying making them!

I have set myself a challenge….

Every week for the last few months I have been downloading a free granny square pattern through the granny square app by Simply Crochet. I think they are brilliant – I cannot believe the variation you can get from just a granny square! I like them so much I have been thinking of something I could do using them, I have finally decided (after 28 patterns and counting) to make them all and join them up into one big quilt.



I am going to aim to make the one granny square each week when I download the pattern, however, the downside is that I have quite a bit of catching up to do before I can get to doing this (only 28!!). I have just managed to get started and so far have made 3 of them: Granny Edna, Granny Pat, and Granny Doreen. I think they look great! I haven’t stuck to a colour scheme I am just going to make them with whatever wool leftovers I have.   I am going to make them all first and then set about joining them together as then I can lay them all out and decide the best layout for them before attaching together. I will put up the next ones as soon as I get them finished, 3 down and a long way to go…