Minecraft Corner To Corner Crochet Block Series: Part 5 – Magma Block Pattern

I can’t believe I’m on to block 5 already – I’ve kind of got a bit carried away and stopped all other projects while doing these! I might need to slow down a bit so I can finish off some of my other half completed projects.

Following on from the Redstone Ore block is a magma block – seeing some orange wool in my stash prompted me to do the magma cube next.

This is the same size (17x17x17 cm) as the other blocks and I used half treble (UK)/half doubles (US) corner to corner crochet with a 3.5mm hook. How to half treble(UK)/half double (US) corner to corner crochet is available here.

Other Minecraft blocks patterns also available: Chest Block, TNT Block, Magma Block, Emerald Ore, Diamond Ore

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