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Corner To Corner Crochet Minecraft Block Blanket Pattern: Blocks 1-3 (TNT, Chest, Diamond Ore)

While making my first two corner to corner Minecraft blocks (TNT and Chest blocks) I was sat looking at all the side pieces laid out and that gave me another make idea (not that I really need any more WIPs on the go…), this idea was to make a Minecraft themed blanket to show the fronts of all the blocks I have made. All I need to do for this is make one extra front side of each of the blocks and then put them all together to get my finished blanket.

I might a border once I’m done but I will wait until I’ve got a few more joined together until I decide. To join the blocks I just placed them right sides together and sewed down the side, so far I’ve got 3 of the blocks joined and hopefully it won’t be too long until I have a few more to add to it.

Other Minecraft blocks patterns also available: Magma Block, Emerald Ore, Diamond Ore


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