Minecraft Corner To Corner Crochet Block Series: Part 3 – Diamond Ore Block Pattern

It started with a TNT block, followed by a chest – now its time for a diamond ore block!

There are so many of these Minecraft blocks that I want to make – 3 down so far and a lot more to go, I have another idea to use the patterns for too – but it will be a while until I can reveal that make!

Made again using half trebles(UK)/half double (US) corner to corner crochet (how to available here) and a 3.5mm crochet hook. Finished size is 17x17x17 cm – if you want these in a bigger size just up the hook size.

Once you have made the 6 sides sew the pieces together down the sides, you can use a piece of foam or stuffing to fill the cube.  If using a cube sew the pieces together around it, if your using stuffing sew all the sides together but leave a 10cm gap so you can then put the stuffing in then sew the gap closed.

Other Minecraft blocks patterns also available: Chest Block, TNT Block, Magma Block, Emerald Ore, Diamond Ore

Now time to get started on the next one…….

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