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Minecraft Crochet Block Series: Part 3 – Diamond Ore Block Pattern

It started with a TNT block, followed by a chest – now its time for a diamond ore block!

There are so many of these Minecraft blocks that I want to make – 3 down so far and a lot more to go, I have another idea to use the patterns for too – but it will be a while until I can reveal that make!

Previous Crochet Corner To Corner Minecraft Block Makes include:

TNT Minecraft Block, Emerald Ore Block, Magma Block, Chest Block, Redstone Ore Block, Diamond Ore Block, Pumpkin Head, Glass Block, Ghast Block, Axolotl Block.

Minecraft Crochet Corner To Corner Diamond Ore Block Pattern:

  • Size: 17x17cm – if you want these in a bigger size just up the hook size.
  • DK wool.

Once you have made the 6 sides sew the pieces together down the sides, you can use a piece of foam or stuffing to fill the cube.  If using a cube sew the pieces together around it, if your using stuffing sew all the sides together but leave a 10cm gap so you can then put the stuffing in then sew the gap closed.

Now time to get started on the next one…….


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