Minecraft Corner To Corner Crochet Block Series: Part 4 – Redstone Ore Block Pattern

Following on from my Diamond ore block I decided to keep with the ore theme and opted to make a redstone ore next!.

This is quite similar to the diamond ore, but I think this and the diamond ore will look really good together. I have already got the next block started too – this will be a magma block and I cant wait to share it!.

Made using a 3.5mm hook, and using half treble(UK)/half double(US) corner to corner crochet (Guide on half treble(UK)/half double corner to corner crochet available here).

Once you have made the 6 sides sew the pieces together down the sides, you can use a piece of foam or stuffing to fill the cube.  If using a cube sew the pieces together around it, if your using stuffing sew all the sides together but leave a 10cm gap so you can then put the stuffing in then sew the gap closed.

Other Minecraft blocks patterns also available: Chest Block, TNT Block, Magma Block, Emerald Ore, Diamond Ore

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