Minecraft Crochet Pattern: Ghast – Floating In With A Wail And A Howl, Watch Out For Any Fireballs! 

Following on from my creeper and squid patterns I next decided to make a pattern for a ghast. This pattern comprised of the square body, 9 legs, and quite a bit of stitched face and body detailing. This black detailing is what really brings the ghast to life, through my personal preference I opted just to do the black closed eyes ghast facial expression rather than the red eyes, but you could do whichever you prefer.

Minecraft Ghast crochet pattern: 


  • 5mm hook
  • 100g ball of white chunky wool
  • 50g ball of black chunky wool

Sides (make 6):

Row 1: Dc into 2nd ch from hook, dc along row.

Rows 2-15: ch1(doesn’t count as a stitch) dc along row.

Fasten off.

Legs (make 9):

Make a magic ring, ch1, 6dc into ring.
Round 1-11: dc around.


Sew the sides together than sew in the base, stuff and finally sew on the top. Slightly stuff the legs and sew on to the base.

Hand sew on the face and body detail using the black chunky wool.

Left Side
Right Side


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