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Sewing Tutorial: Folded Fabric Christmas Tree decorations – Part 3: Christmas Tree Bunting

While making some fabric Christmas tree decorations recently (after a ridiculously long break from the previous Christmas tree decoration makes) I suddenly realised that the smaller tree decorations would be perfect to make some bunting with. So with that in mind I got making a few extra Christmas trees so I could attach them to some ribbon to make some bunting.

The instructions to make the trees can be found on my previous Christmas tree decoration post and to make my length of bunting I used 8 trees and attached them to some cream ribbon I had. You could use some binding to attach the trees to – which would also look great, a how to make fabric binding can be found on this page, I decided to use ribbon this time as I wanted something a bit different to the bunting I have been making recently. I will definitely be making a few more lengths of this bunting to gift over Christmas.


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