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Sewing How To: Making Fabric Binding, Perfect Scrap Buster

Making fabric binding is a great way to use up fabric scraps, and the fabric binding great to use for edging cushions or quilts and when making bunting.

How to guide on how to make fabric bunting with fabric binding can be found here.

How To Make Fabric Binding:


  • Fabric scraps.
  • Scissors.
  • Ruler.

Making The Fabric Binding:

  1. Take your fabric scraps and cut into 5cm wide strips. You can cut them with a wider/narrower width if required.

  1. Take two of the strips and place right sides together. Sew down the 5cm side.

  1. Take the next strip and attach to the previous strip, placing right sides together and sewing down the 5cm side. Press open the seams at the back.

  1. Repeat with the fabric strips until you have made the length of binding required, or continue until you have used all your fabric scraps – you can make a roll of binding to keep for future projects if you have lots of scraps.
  1. Fold the end of the binding inwards by 0.5cm. Press.

  1. Fold the top and bottom edge of the binding inwards so that they meet in the middle and press.

  1. Fold the binding in half. Press.

  1. Fold in the remaining end of the binding by 0.5cm. Press.

Your binding is now ready for use in your future craft projects.


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