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Crochet Mini Flower Square Pattern: Part 1 – Snowdrops

I have had an idea in mind for some crochet mini flower themed squares that could be joined together to make cushions/blankets for a while but haven’t had a chance to get started on them. Finally I have got one completed – and first up is a snowdrop, I have already got a couple more started so it hopefully it wont be long until a few more start to appear!.

I opted to do them in a sc stitch in a square format, and will keep all the squares the same size so then can all be joined together at a later date. The size of the square is: 16x16cm.

Crochet Snowdrop Flower Square Pattern:


  • 4mm crochet hook.
  • 25g ball DK wool in cream.
  • 25g ball DK wool in green.
  • 25g ball DK wool in white.
  • Darning Needle.

Special Stitches:

White Squares – Bobble:

All white squares use a bobble stitch.

Using the white wool and 2 strands at the same time.   

*Insert hook, yo (picture 1), pull up loop, yo, pull through 1 loop (picture 2).  Repeat from * once more (picture 3). yo, pull through all loops (picture 4). 

Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3
Picture 4

Green Squares:

All green squares use 2 strands of wool. 

Using the green wool and 2 strands at the same time.


  • All cream squares – use 1 strand of wool and an sc stitch. 
  • Change colour in final yo of previous stitch.
  • ch30 to start, sc into 2nd ch from hook and sc along the rest of the row – this makes row 1. 
  • After final sc of row 29, change to green and sc into each row end down the side, sc along bottom edge and sc up other side, finally sc along the top edge, ss into sc at start of round to join.  Fasten off. 

Snowdrop Square Pattern grid:


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