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Sewing Tutorial: Folded Fabric Christmas Tree Decorations – Take Two!

Since making my Christmas tree decorations two years ago (how 2 years have gone by since making them is crazy!) I have been meaning to make a few more, but rather than doing them the same as the previous trees I wanted to make them a little smaller so I could use them for tags on smaller gifts and to just have some smaller sized decorations for about the house. You can also make Christmas tree bunting using these trees too!. There is also a pattern available for a crochet version of these trees.

I made these using fabric gifted from The Craft Cotton Company – there is a random assortment of pattern designs which I have collected.

The trees are 7cm (at their widest point on the bottom square) by 12cm (from top of the tree to the bottom of the trunk.


  • 2 pieces of fabric of each of the following sizes:
    • 4×4cm, 5×5cm, 6×6cm, 7×7cm (for the main tree).
    • 1 piece of fabric 2x5cm (for the tree trunk).
  • 3 buttons.
  • 1 piece of ribbon 5cm.

Making the trees

  • Take each of the two fabric pieces and placing right sides together sew around leaving a gap for turning.
  • Turn out the right way, press and slip stitch the gap closed.

  • Take the biggest fabric square and overlap the next slightly smaller square on top, repeat with the remaining squares decreasing in size as you go.
  • Now starting with the smallest square fold up the bottom point and sew to secure, repeat with the remaining squares.

  • Take the 2x5cm piece of fabric and fold in half (placing right sides together) so you have a folded piece of fabric 2×2.5cm, sew down each side leaving the top edge unsewn.

  • Turn out the right way and slip stitch the gap closed.

  • Take this tree trunk piece and place on the back of the tree 0.5cm up from the bottom edge of the largest square and sew along the top edge of the trunk to secure.

  • Take the ribbon, fold it in half and sew onto the back of the top of the tree.

  • Sew a button onto the folded up part of the square of the bottom three squares.


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