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Card Making: Stacked Present And Bunting Themed Birthday Cards

Time for some card making – when an almost disaster turns out ok!

A few days ago I needed a birthday card, so I went to my box of made cards and suddenly realised in a panic that I didn’t have any birthday cards ready! If it had been a wedding or a new baby card I would have had a number of different ones for the occasion but there wasn’t a birthday card in sight!

So after my initial panic I realised I would just have to get one made. So after a rummage through my cards and papers I put together a card which I have had an idea to do for a while. I was super happy with how the card turned out, and decided I needed to get a few more cards made to avoid another last minute card make in the future.

I opted to make a few cards with a similar theme just using some different layouts and am happy with how they all turned out. I still need to make a few more so that my ready made card box is a little fuller so I’m sure it won’t be long until a few more pop up on here!


2 thoughts on “Card Making: Stacked Present And Bunting Themed Birthday Cards

    1. Thank you, glad it’s not just me it happens to – I’m making sure I get quite a few made over the next few weeks so it doesn’t happen again – I always seem to loose track of how many I have left! 🙂


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