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Sewing ‘How To’: Turning A Completed Cross Stitch Project Into A Cushion

After completing a cross stitch project there are a number of different ways you can display your work. You can frame them in picture frames or embroidery hoops (check out a how to finish a cross stitch project into an embroidery hoop here). You can also add fabric frames before framing or making them into a cushion (check out a how to fabric frame a picture here).

Another way of finishing your embroidery projects is to use the entire project as a cushion front, this is great for large cross stitch projects or a project with a lot of detail which a fabric border may distract from. Once you have the cushion front completed you can sew a frame around the edge to create a little border/edging detail.

This cross stitch owl pattern was from 365 Cross Stitching Designs Volume 2.

To crate a cushion with an embroidered front follow the steps below:

How To Make A Cushion From A Cross Stitch Project:

To Make a flap back cushion:

  1. Cut two pieces of fabric which are the width of the cross stitch front and 10cm longer than the height. My cushion front was 45x45cm so I cut two pieces for this project I used two pieces 45x55cm.
  2. Fold the two pieces in half to give you two back pieces.
  3. Take the two folded fabric pieces and place overlapping on top of the cross stitch front.
  4. Sew around the edge to secure.
  5. Turn out the right way.
  6. If you want to add some extra detail to the cushion you can sew a line around the edge, I sewed a line 6cm from the edge in purple to create a border. I pinned a line 6cm from the edge to give me a guide.

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