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Slowly making progress on the Christmas makes – next up a Embroidered flower embroidery hoop.

Now I have got my sewing Christmas makes (Trees, Stockings) out of the way I have been able to focus on finishing some of the embroidery makes I have been working on over the last few months. First one completed is a embroidered flowers embroidery hoop.  The pattern is one I put together using a pattern from Crossstitcher magazine (April 2018).  The original pattern was too big to fit in the hoop I was using so I used bits from the pattern to fill the hoop.


I covered the hoop with fabric by sewing strips of 4cm wide fabric together and folding the raw edges inwards, I then wrapped this around the hoop.  I created a loop using 2 strips of 20x4cm wide fabric (place pieces right sides together, sew around leaving top edge unsewn, turn out the right way and slip stitch the gap closed).


Sneaking in another cross stitch cushion amongst all the crochet blankets! 

Crochet blankets have been taking over a bit recently so I haven’t had much time to work on my other projects, I finally managed to squeeze in a week of cross stitching and have managed to get this cushion finished and ready for gifting. 
I love this cross stitch pattern from 365 Cross Stitch Designs, volume 5 2016 and think it’s worked out really well on the green background I was wanting to use. The fabric is some I had in my stash from Ikea. I’ve got my eye on a few more cross stitch patterns from this issue too so it hopefully won’t be long until a few more cross stitch projects pop up! 
Now it’s time to get back to the crochet blankets – I have so many ideas for them I can’t see me stopping anytime soon! 


Time for a bit of cross stitch with this very cute elephant pillow 

I came across the cross stitch pattern for this very cute elephant picture in CrossStitcher magazine issue 281 (2014), and I knew it would make the a perfect gift for a friend whose birthday is coming up. I also found some fabric which was an ideal match to make it into a cushion, this fabric is from the Indian Garden range by The Craft Cotton Company, I love the bright colours and bold patterns of this range. 
I love how this cushion has turned out I Think I may need to make one of these for myself…..


Some more Sneaky cross stitch in amongst the crochet and Christmas makes 

I loved the pattern for these cross-stitch mason jars when I saw it in CrossStitcher magazine issue 279 (June 2014) and I’ve managed to sneak in a little bit of sewing over the last few weeks amongst the Christmas makes chaos to get it completed. I changed the colours slightly from those used in the pattern based on colours I already had in my stash. Now its time to get it framed and up on the wall! 

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Starting off a marathon session of crafting this weekend with a swoop and a hoot! 

My list of craft projects is getting a bit out of hand and I have been waiting for a chance to catch up on them and get a few crossed off.  The chance has come this weekend and I am going to make the most of it and try and crack on with some projects! I was excited to get started and decided to start on finishing off a cross stitch project I had almost finished – a cross stitch owl in started a few months ago from 365 cross stitch designs volume 2. 

Once I had finished the cross stitching and got the back stitching finished it was time to make it into a cushion, I chose to make a flap back cushion and used Laura Ashley Gosford plum fabric. I really like using Laura Ashley fabrics as  it is nice and thick, making if perfect for cushions as it gives them good structure and is also hard wearing – if you have made something you want it to last for a while! 


Also to increase the strength of the back of the pillow for each of the flaps I double over the fabric rather than making a hem along the top of each edge. These two flap prices are then laid over the cross stitch fabric right sides together – ensuring there is an over lap so that it will hold the cushion pad in.  Next sew around the edge of the cushion, this secures the two flap pieces to the cross stitch picture. 
One the two back flaps were sewn on, I turned the cushion right way around and sewed a line in a purple thread an inch from the edge of the cushion. I chose a dark purple as I wanted it to stand out and it was similar to the purple used in the cushion. 

 Very happy to get this one finished from my list it has been on it for a long time and I’m even happier with how good it looks!  I have had a space ready for it to go for a while and it looks perfect! I can’t believe how good the owl looks, it stands out so well from the background it almost looks three dimensional!    

Let’s see how many more finished projects I can get done in the next few days – the clock is ticking! 
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Stitching up a hoot-tastic owl!

As I obviously don’t have enough projects on the go at the moment, I have decided to add another to the list – as a slight excuse it is already started I will just be finishing it off! I do find it hard to just focus on one project, I need the chaos of having a lot to pick from and means when I’m not in the mood for crochet or quilting I can pull out this cross stitch!

This owl cross stitch project I have had my eye on for a while – I have even got the fabric to make it into a cushion when I have finished it! I have made so many cushions for other people I thought it was about time I got around to doing one for myself! I saw this pattern in 365 cross stitch designs volume 2. And just loved the pattern and the colours they have used. I got it started just before Christmas, but it got pushed to the bottom of my cross stitch box as I had a lot of projects I had to get finished for Christmas. Luckily it hasn’t suffered the same fate as my blackwork project and got lost for a few years, as I came across it again the other day while clearing out my box to see how many half finished things I actually had in there, luckily this was the last one, and I decided I need to get it finished!

I have chosen to sew this onto a 28 count Ivory even-weave fabric. I think it’s coming out great, and the colours are brilliant! Can’t wait to get it finished!


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A momentous framing occasion – the end of a very long project, its time to celebrate!

I really love blackwork, I like how it looks and I really enjoy doing it. I came across a pattern in The World of Cross stitching (issue 178) for a blackwork pattern completed using different shades of blue and green, and a DMC colour variations thread of blues and greens. I really liked the pattern and the colours and got to work on it straight away – however, this was a few years ago!!

After I got started I got side tracked with some other projects I was doing and it got lost amongst the bottom of the craft bag – only to come to light last summer when I found it amongst some other fabric I had in there – it’s like a bottomless pit in there! I fell in love with the pattern all over again and got back to work finishing it off! I really enjoyed stitching it and I had it finished by the end of summer, with the intention of getting it framed and getting it hung up on a spot I had ear marked for it on the wall, however, my frame shopping went completely by the way side and after the Christmas makes started, well there was no way I was getting around to framing it, so yet again the poor project got side-lined!

Finally a few weeks ago I found a frame which I knew would be perfect for it, so got it and got all the bits out ready to do it, and I managed to find sometime this weekend to get it framed! I cant believe I have taken so long to get it finished and framed and up – the wait was definitely worth it though I think it looks fantastic and have had a lot of comments from people who would like one for themselves. I think it has been one of the longest projects I have ever done – serves me right for forgetting about it – maybe I shouldn’t have so much on the go at once!

From now on I am going to make sure I keep a note of all the projects I have on the go so I don’t forget about anything, and I’m off to go empty out my craft bag to find out what other half finished projects are lost and forgotten about in the bottom of it!

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