Sewing Tutorial: Fabric Bunting Advent Calendar

You know Christmas is getting close when your getting ready to sort out the advent calendar! 

I completed this advent bunting sewing tutorial a few years ago for The Craft Cotton Company and it has now had a little makeover and is now back!.

Fabric was gifted by The Craft Cotton Company.

Fabric Bunting Advent Calendar Sewing Tutorial


  • 8 fat quarter pieces, this bunting uses The Craft Cotton Company fat quarter set in North Pole (6 quarters), and 2 quarters from The Craft Cotton Company fat quarter set in North Star.
  • Woven bias binding in pink – 5 1/2 metres, or you can make your own fabric binding. A how to make fabric binding sewing tutorial is available here.
  • Embroidery threads in 3 different colours, I used dark grey, light grey and a light blue.
  • Pins.
  • Scissors.

Fabric Bunting Advent Calendar Sewing Tutorial

  1. To make the front and back pattern pieces draw a rectangle 13x16cm. Mark a point 4cm up from the bottom on the left and right hand side and another point 4cm in from the left and right hand sides, then draw a line to join the two points.  Repeat this on the other side then cut off the corner pieces. 

  1. Next cut out another pattern piece the same as the front and back piece. However, with this one, remove 4cm from the top to make the pocket piece. 

  1. Cut out 24 front pieces, 24 back pieces, and 24 pocket pieces.

  1. Take one of the pocket pieces, turn over the top edge twice to make a hem, sew along to secure. You can use a straight stitch or a patterned stitch if you prefer. Repeat with the remaining pocket fronts.

  1. Mark out the numbers from 1-24 on the pocket fronts in pencil. Using the embroidery threads, sew on the numbers. I used a threaded running stitch but you could just use a running stitch or any other stitch you prefer.

  • Threaded running stitch:
    • Complete a running stitch in dark grey around the outline of the number – I used 4 strands of thread for this.  
    • Thread another colour in and out of the running stitch (I chose a light grey) and then repeat with a second colour threading it the other way (I chose a blue grey). For these two colours, I used 2 threads.

  1. Place a front piece down right side facing up, place a pocket front on top right side facing down, then finally place a back piece right sides facing down.  Sew around the edges leaving the top edge unsewn. Turn out the right way.

  1. Take the fabric binding and fold in the side edge of the binding by 1cm to hide the raw edge, next place the first bunting piece 10cm from the start of the binding, place the bunting so the top edge is in the middle of the binding, pin to secure. Repeat with the remaining bunting pieces leaving a 5cm gap between each. Leave 11cm of binding at the other end after placing the final piece of bunting. Cut off the excess. Fold in the final edge by 1cm to hide the raw edge. Sew along the length of the binding to secure.

The free tutorial to make this is available over on The Craft Cotton Company blog 



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