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Crochet Storage Basket Series: Ladybird Storage Baskets Pattern

Flying by are some ladybird crochet storage baskets

Whenever I’m halfway through a set of crochet storage baskets I always seem to get an idea for the next set, and halfway through my summer storage baskets the idea to make some ladybird themed storage baskets came to mind. I got started on these not long after fishing my summer storage baskets but they have been sat in my work in progress bag making very little progress since then.

To be honest I had almost forgot they needed finishing until I was looking at all my half finished projects and saw them in there. I decided it was about time I got them finished and so set about getting them completed and now I have three completed storage ladybirds! Also on clue I now have my next basket idea!

Pattern for this is now available on my Etsy and Ravelry shops.

Other crochet storage basket makes:


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