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Sewing Tutorial: Sewing Pattern Weights – Perfect Scrap Busting Project

A huge help for pattern cutting and made only with fabric scraps, these pattern weights are a must have that I wish I had made sooner!

I’ve been meaning to make some pattern weights for a while now and just haven’t got around to doing them. Now that I have got them made I wish I had got them made sooner – they are absolutely brilliant for holding patterns in place while cutting out without having to mess around with pins which also often leave marks in the fabric. In fact I was so pleased with how well these worked I went on a bit of a making spree and at current count have about 30 of these little gems! 

What’s even better about these weights is I made them all with just scraps of fabric out of my stash and anything that can help use up some scraps is a winner with me!

Fabric Pattern weights pattern:

I made two different sizes of these weights, so had had some longer ones for long pattern sections. The method to make both sizes is the same, the only difference being the size of paper template used.


  • Fabric scraps.
  • Ribbon scraps.
  • Thread.
  • Pins.
  • Scissors.
  • Paper.
  • Pencil.
  • Ruler.
  • Aquarium gravel.

  1. Make your paper templates: 7×7 cm for the smaller weights and 10×7 cm for the larger rectangular ones and cut out your fabrics.
  1. Cut 7cm lengths of ribbon.

  1. Fold a piece of ribbon in half and place with its raw edges just over the raw edges of a piece of fabric placed right side up. Place a second piece of fabric right side down on top of this and sew down the side, along the bottom and up the other side.
  1. Cut Diagonally across at the bottom 2 corners to help with getting a nice sharp corner after turning.

  1. Turn the right way out, and fill with gravel.

  1. Fold in the top edge by 0.5m and match the two side seams together, slip stitch to close.
  • Now make as many as you need, and maybe just a couple more incase you run out while cutting out a pattern…think I definitely got carried away, don’t think I will be running out any time soon! 


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