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Quick Christmas Make: Wrapped Fabric Tree Cones Tutorial – Perfect For Using Up Fabric Scraps

It wont be long now until Christmas is here, luckily there is still just enough time for a couple more Christmas themed makes to be completed.

I wanted to make some table decorations that wouldn’t take up too much room as there are already enough things competing for space on the table. I decided to go for something tree themed, and combined that idea with a need to use up some fabric leftovers so I can make a bit more space for some new fabrics to come in!.

Wrapped Christmas Tree Cones Tutorial


  • Fabric – any colours you wish, I used left overs from the Colourful Christmas fat quarter set by The Craft Cotton Company (Fabric gifted by The Craft Cotton Company).
  • Paper/card to make a cone shape/pre-formed cone.
  • Scissors.
  • Glue.

Making the cone (if required):

  • If you don’t have a pre-formed cone you can make your own using paper/card, all you need to do is roll the paper/card into a cone shape and glue to secure. Trim the base if required so it can stand.

Making the wrapped fabric tree cones:

  • Cut fabric in to strips with the fabric starting wide at one end and tapering smaller towards the other end.
    • The largest cone here is 20cm tall and uses fabric strips 30cm long taping from 10cm to 2cm.
    • The smaller cone is 15cm tall and uses fabric strips 20cm long tapering from 6cm to 1 cm.

  • Along the tapered edge cut down from the tapered edge towards the straight bottom edge leaving a 1cm gap at the bottom. Leaving a 1cm gap between each, repeat along the edge.
  • Take one of the fabric strips and starting the the widest part at the base of the cone wrap the fabric around the cone up to the top point. Glue to secure.
  • Repeat with more fabric strips placing and gluing the next strip above the previous one, as more strips are attached make sure the strips go under the loose fabric ends.
  • One the tree is covered, trim any over hanging fabric from around the base. To get the fabric to stand out a little more tip the tree upside down!.

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