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Christmas Crochet Holly Head Band Pattern

This holly themed quick make is perfect for wearing over the Christmas season, I’ve got a bit carried away making these and have quite a few spare ones which will be perfect for popping into peoples gifts as an extra little present.

This is a great scrap busting project – all you need is some red, brown (or any other colour you prefer for the band) and green wool.

Holly Christmas head band crochet pattern


4mm crochet hook.


Darning needle.

Wool: Red, brown, and green.

Card – 1cm by 5cm.

Holly head band pattern:

To make the leaves:

In green:

ch8, sc into 2nd ch from the hook, sc along row until 1sc remains, 2sc into this final stitch. Next work along the other side of the starting ch placing an sc into each stitch – including the stitch you just placed 2sc into.

Round 1: *2ss, into next stitch: (sc, htr/hdc, ch2, ss into 2nd ch from hook, htr/hdc, sc). Repeat from * once more. 1ss, into next stitch: (sc, htr/hdc, ch2, ss into 2nd ch from hook, htr/hdc, sc), 1ss, **into next stitch: (sc, htr/hdc, ch2, ss into 2nd ch from hook, htr/hdc, sc) 2ss. Repeat from ** once more.

Fasten off, leaving long thread to attach to head band.

To make the berries:

Red wool.

Cut a 1cm wide and 5cm long piece of card, take the red wool and wrap round 20 times, carefully pull off the wool and tie around the middle to secure. Cut the top and bottom loops.

To make the Headband:

Using brown wool:

ch a length which is long enough to fit around your head and so that you can tie the two ends together.

htr/hdc into the 3rd ch from the hook and then htr/hdc along the row.

Fasten off.

Attaching the leaves and the berries:

Sew the two leaves together slightly overlapping.

Sew the berries onto the leaves.

Sew the berries and leaves onto the headband.


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