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Granny Square With A Twist: Crochet Granny Triangle Blanket Pattern

I love crocheting with Granny squares – there are so many different types around and they all look amazing. Its been a little while since I had a chance to work on something granny themed so I decided it was time to try something. I have previously created a blanket with a bit of a twist on a traditional granny square with my Granny’s Log Cabin Blanket pattern and I decided to continue with this different trend.

For the twist on a granny square this time instead of a traditional square shape I have opted for a triangle shaped blanket, and if using the triangle shape wasn’t enough I have also thrown in a few different stitches into the mix to give some extra texture.

I love how this blanket has turned out – about half way through I hit a bit of a problem where it wasn’t laying correctly and I realised it was due to a stitch i has tried to use, I realised this wasn’t going to work and had to unravel most of it – it was then left in a project bag for a long time before I could face starting it again! however, eventually I got started on it again and altered the stitch that had caused the initial problems – I am really pleased I didn’t give up completely as I think it would have been such a shame for it not to be finished.

The pattern to make your own Granny’s Triangle Blanket it now available over on my Etsy and Ravelry shops.

You can choose to use the different colours every 2 rows like I have, but also you could use different colours on each row (perfect for using up leftover wool) or do the whole blanket in one single colour.


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