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Sewing Tutorial: Crocodile Pencil/Crochet Hook Case Fabric Roll

I wanted to make a pencil roll as part of a gift, but wanted to make something a little bit different. After a few sketches and quite a few rejected ideas I settled on a crocodile theme (I also had another idea and have a feeling that may pop up on here soon too!).

I wanted to add the teeth detail of the crocodile along with the eye and nostril detail, I decided to curve the top edge of the pencil roll so it looked like the mouth of the crocodile and added eye and nostril details on the back of the pencil roll.

I used fabric from the Everglades fat quarter set by The Craft Cotton Company – it was perfect for the crocodile theme especially the crocodile pattern which I used on the inside.

Fabric was gifted by The Craft Cotton Company.

Crocodile Fabric Roll Tutorial:


  • Fabric needed:
    • One colour for the pencil roll front.
    • One colour for the pencil roll inside and pocket picece.
  • Ribbon 40cm long.
  • Black felt.
  • White felt.


  1. Make a template from a A4 sheet of paper, with the base of the fabric roll 30cm long and start curving inwards to form the top edge 14cm up from the side.
  2. Cut two pieces of fabric from this template (using a 0.5cm seam allowance) one from the pencil roll front colour and one from the pencil roll inside colour.
  1. Cut a piece of fabric 30x26cm from the inside fabric colour to make the pocket piece.
  2. Take the 30x26cm fabric piece and fold in half so it is 30x13cm. Place onto the inside fabric piece and sew lines for the pencils 2cm apart. Fasten off the loose ends.

  1. Cut 6 teeth from the white felt with a base of 4.5cm and sides of 5.5cm.
  2. Take the 6 teeth and place along the top edge of the roll with the raw edges of the teeth against the raw edge of the roll.
  3. Take the ribbon, fold in half and place on the right hand side.
  4. Place the pencil roll front on top (with right sides together) and sew around to secure leaving a 10cm gap for turning.
  5. Turn out the right way and slip stitch the gap closed.
  1. Cut out two 2.5x3cm rectangles from the white fabric and curve the corner edges.
  2. Cut two small circles from the black felt to make the pupils.
  3. Sew the pupils onto the white felt and sew the eyes onto the front of the pencil roll.
  4. Cut two small rectangles for the nostrils and sew onto the front of the pencil roll.


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