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Crochet Corner To Corner Bee Cushion – Adding Fabric Backing Tutorial

Another Bee Cushion Is Buzzing It’s Way From The Craft Pile

I wanted to make another Buzzing Around Corner to Corner Crochet Cushion but rather than just having the same matching front and back I decided to put a fabric back onto the crochet front piece.

Pattern for this cushion is now available on my Etsy and Ravelry shops.

Fabric Cushion Back Tutorial:

After having a look in my stash I found some fabric which couldn’t have been more suitable – some bee patterned fabric by The Craft Cotton Company.

  • Using two different colours I cut two pieces 38x40cm and folded them in half to give me two back pieces.
  • To create the back I laid these two pieces down on the right side of the crochet front and overlapped them slightly.
  • By sewing the whole way around the edge of the cushion this secured the front and back together.


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