Sewing Tutorial: Space Themed Wall Hanging Pattern

Take a journey out into space with a space themed wall hanging

When I first saw the Star Gazer fat quarter set by The Craft Cotton Company I knew straight away what to make with it – an appliqué wall hanging, the fabric colours and patterns were perfect.

I opted to have a space rocket travelling through a star filled space surrounded by planets and stars and am really pleased with how it’s turned out.

Fabric was gifted by The Craft Cotton Company.

Sewing Tutorial: Space Themed Wall Hanging


  • Star Gazer fat quarters by The Craft Cotton Company. 
  • A piece of fabric for the back of the hanging measuring 45x54cm.
  • Batting piece 45x54cm. 
  • Batting for backing the planets and rocket 30x30cm.
  • Thread.
  • Needle.
  • Pins.
  • Paper.
  • Pencil. 
  • Ruler.
  • Scissors. 

  1. Select the constellation design pattern fat quarter and trim to 45x54cm, this forms the background for the wall hanging. 

  1. On paper draw out a rocket outline and cut out with a 0.5cm seam allowance from the grey planets fat quarter.

  1. Draw out rocket details (window, side boosters, base booster, booster flame) on to paper and use these templates to cut out from the blue with white stars, blue planets, and green moon fat quarters. 

  1. Cut out a curved section (20cm long 14cm high) from the green moon fat quarter to go in the bottom right corner as a large planet, and a circle with a 10cm diameter from the same fabric for another planet.  

  1. Take the blue and grey planets fat quarters and cut out some of the planets.

  1. Cut out some stars from the grey planets fat quarter.

  1. Cut out batting to go behind the large planet, large circular planet, rocket, rocket window, and some of the small planets.  Cut this batting slightly smaller so you wont see the edge of it once sewn onto the hanging. 

  1. Take the large circular planet and add on sew on some crater circle details. 

  1. Sew on all the details to the rocket placing the batting under the window, and then sew the rocket, planets and stars onto the background fabric making sure to put the batting under the planets you have opted to put it under. 

  1. Take the back fabric piece and place right side down, place the batting on top, then place the front piece on top right side facing up. Pin to secure.

  1. Make binding from all the fat quarters by cutting 6 cm wide strips and sewing together to give a total length of 260cm.  At one of the ends, fold over the top right edge to line up with the bottom edge to create a diagonal and press. Next fold the strip in half long ways and press.  

  1. Place the binding with its raw edges against the raw edges of the hanging and pin to secure.  Sew around 1 cm from the edge. 

  1. Fold the binding over the edge of the blanket to the back, pin to secure then slip stitch around.  

The tutorial is also available over on The Craft Cotton Company blog.


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