Now for something nice and bright and flowery..Part one: crochet daffodils 

As I am letting my poor fingers have a rest from sewing for a few days while they recover from a mammoth patchworking mission I embarked on last week, I have decided to do some crocheting. I have been wanting to make some crochet flowers for a while now so have decided now is the perfect time to get cracking with them.

I have quite a few different flowers in mind so I have decided to split up the posts based on the different flower types I have made, this first post will focus upon some daffodils, followed by daisies, peonies, 5 petal flowers then dahlias, and who knows maybe a few more if I come across some more I would like to make. I have decided to keep them separate as it means the patterns for each flower will then be kept separate and means each flower gets its own time to shine!
I made up my own patterns for all these flowers, and started off with a few rough sketches of what I was aiming for as a guide, and by rough I mean very rough – it made me realise that art is definitely not one of my strong points, they were more like stick flowers!

I started with daffodils as I am always sad to see them go, such a lovely bright flower that signals the start of the warming weather, now I have these I will always be able to see some! You could make some stems for these with wool and wire and pop them in a vase, or even attach them around the edge of a basket for a lovely bit of flower detail.

Daffodil pattern:

4mm hook


In dark yellow

Make a magic ring, ch1

Round 1: 5dc into ring

Round 2: 2dc into each stitch around

Round 3: *dc, Trb, double treble, triple treble, ch 3 slip stitch into 2nd and 3rd chain from the hook, triple treble, double treble, trb, dc into same stitch. dc into next stitch Repeat from *4 more times

In light yellow

Ch12, slip stitch into first stitch to form a ring

Round 1-4: ch1, dc into each stitch around, slip stitch into top of ch1

Fasten off, leaving long tail to fasten trumpet on to centre of petals
You can also swap it around and have light yellow for the petals and dark yellow for the trumpet, or just use dark or light yellow for both the trumpet and petals.

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