Cute as a button…button mushroom that is!

After completing my eggs and sausages I have started on another food item to go with them – button mushrooms! Can’t have a fry up without some mushrooms with it, also mushrooms seem to sneak into most meals I make so thought they would be perfect for a child’s play food.  Both the pattern and the mushrooms themselves were really easy to make and I had them all finished in an evening.  Now to get cracking on the next food item! Think I might do some tomatoes!!

Starting in cream; 

Make a magic ring, ch1

Round 1: 5dc into ring
Round 2: 2dc into next stitch, repeat around 
Round 3: 2dc into next stitch 1dc repeat around
Round 4: dc around
Round 5: 2dc into into next stitch 2dc, repeat around 
Round 6: dc around
Round 7: dc2tog dc, repeat 4 times around, 2dc
Change to brown:
Round 8: dc around in back loops only 
Put stuffing into head of mushroom 
Round 9: dc2tog dc, repeat 4 times around, dc

Change back to cream
Round 10: dc2tog dc, repeat 3 times around, dc2tog in back loops only
Round 11-13: dc around 
Fasten off

Fasten in all loose ends 

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