Crochet Mouse Doorstop: Squeak Squeak…


I have wanted a doorstop for my hall for a while and had not found the time to find a pattern I liked or get round to making it. Luckily, this weekend I managed to find some time to do one, so I set about looking for a pattern and came across one for a small mouse online from lion brand that I really liked. The pattern is freely available, but you do have to register with them to be able to access it. The good thing is there are thousands of other free patterns which they have available also.

It was perfect as it wasn’t too big and I had some left over wool in my stash that was perfect for it… The wool I had was a dark brown colour.

It didn’t take long to make at all as the body is one whole continuous piece and all that needs attaching are the ears and nose. I chose not to use the safety eyes that were suggested but instead sewed some on. I used sand in a sealed bag as the weight inside. Also, I decided to add some pink into the ears as once I’d finished the mouse; it looked like it needed something extra. To do this I chose light pink wool and completed the pattern provided below:

Magic ring ch1,

Row 1: 5sc into ring (5sc).

Row 2: 2sc into each stitch (10sc).

Row 3: 2sc into next stitch, 1sc. Repeat 5 times (15sc).

Row 4: 1sc in each stitch (15sc).

Fasten off, and attach to the inside of the ears.

Once I had added this detail I was very happy and I think it really finished it off. It looks great sat in my hall, and even better, it is stopping the door from continually closing itself and driving us mad!


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