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Sewing Tutorial: Love Themed Cushion


There can never be too much love – add even more with a love Themed cushion

I think we could all do with a bit more love around and this cushion adds just that little bit more to a room.  Its would also be a perfect gift for Valentines day which is sneaking up on us.

I received some fabric from The Craft Cotton Company and the light greys and pinks were perfect as I wanted the colours to be quite subtle and didn’t want anything too pink – which is unusual for me as I am a fan of very bright colours!

Fabric gifted by The Craft Cotton Company.

Love Themed Cushion With Writing Tutorial


  • Natural Fern Geo fabric by The Craft Cotton Company in grey and pink:
    • 52x52cm piece in grey for the front.
    • 2 pieces of grey 52x55cm for the back.
    • 5cm wide strips of grey and pink to make binding for the cushion edging (2.4m long).
    • 5cm wide strips of pink for the love writing (2m long).
    • Pink and grey for 3 different sized hearts.
  • Thread.
  • Needle.
  • Scissors.
  • Pins.
  • Cushion pad 50x50cm.
  • Pencil.
  • Paper.

Making The Love Themed Cushion

  1. Write out the word ‘love’ on a piece of paper. Place this onto the middle of the front cushion piece. Push a pencil through the stencil and mark the fabric beneath.

  1. Take the 5cm wide strips of pink and join to make a piece 2m long in length.  Fold in the side edge and press, fold the top and bottom edges so they meet in the middle and press, finally fold in half again and press.  This makes the binding for writing ‘love’. A more detailed How to make fabric binding can be found here.

  1. Take the binding and lay on top of the stencilled out word on the front cushion piece. Pin and sew to secure. 

  1. Draw 3 different sized hearts onto the paper and cut out, then use to cut out 3 fabric hearts.  Place these onto the cushion front and sew around the edge to secure.  

  1. Place the cushion front right side up then take the two back pieces, fold them in half so they are 52×27.5cm and place on top of the cushion front with one back piece slightly overlapping the other. Sew around the edge of the cushion and turn out the right way

  1. Take the 5cm strips of pink and grey and sew together to make a piece 2.4m long.  Fold in the side edge then press, fold the top and bottom edges so the met in the middle and press.  How to make fabric binding can be found here.

  1. Open out one folded side, then place the raw edge along the side edge of the front of the cushion sew around the cushion to secure.  Fold the binding over to the back and slip stitch around to secure.  

The tutorial to make this is available over on The Craft Cotton Company’s blog along with lots of other great makes.


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