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Among Us Crewmate Character Corner To Corner Crochet Pattern

I’ve been trying to get through a few projects that have been in my to do list for ages – some have been half started and I’ve decided to try and get through some of those first before taking on new projects off the list!

First up is an Among Us crew mate corner to corner make, I’ve had this drawn out and a few rows started for a few weeks but am glad I’ve finally focussed on it and got it finished – so glad in fact, I’ve already got a few more ideas for some more in different colours and poses – I need to make sure I don’t get distracted and start making those before I get through a few more makes off my list!

Once completed if you want to add a border to your finished make check out this How To guide for adding a crab stitch/reverse single crochet edging.

You could make this into a blanket if you made a few of these in different colours and joined them together.

Among Us Corner To Corner Crochet Pattern:


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