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Sewing Tutorial: Woven Fabric Cushion – Perfect Scrap Buster

I don’t think it’s possible to have too many flowers around so this English Garden fabric by The Craft Cotton Company was perfect for me to get making a cushion with!

Fabric was gifted by The Craft Cotton Company.

You could easily use different fabrics and designs for all the strips, making this project perfect for scrap busting. I used a pre-cut fabric roll in this project but you can make your own strips from any other fat quarters/fabric as long as they are 6cm wide.

Sewing A Woven Fabric Strip Cushion:


  • 16 strips of fabric measuring 6cm wide and 40cm long.
  • 2 fat quarters to make the backing of the cushion.
  • Cushion pad.
  • Scissors.
  • Thread.
  • Pins/clips.

Sewing the Cushion:

  1. Take one of the 16 fabric strips, fold in half with right sides together so you have a strip 6cm wide and 20cm long. Sew down each side leaving the short edge unsewn, turn out the right way. Repeat with the remaining 15 strips.

  1. Lay 8 of the fabric strips next to one another in a downwards direction.

  1. Weave the 8 remaining 8 strips across the downward strips. Pin to hold, then sew around the edge to secure.

  1. Take the 2 fat quarters and cut so they measure 40x50cm, fold in half to create a piece 40x25cm.

  1. Place the woven cushion front down right side up then place the two folded fat quarters on top (bottom raw edge of the folded quarter lined up with the raw edge of the cushion front), with the quarters overlapping in the middle.

  1. Sew around to secure, and turn out the right way.

This tutorial is also available on The Craft Cotton Company blog


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