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Sewing Tutorial: Fabric Notebook Pen Holder

No excuse for any more lost pens or pencils now I have this fabric notebook pen holder.

Whenever I am writing down some patterns or ideas I can never find a pen or pencil and by the time I manage to find one I have almost forgotten what I was wanting to write in the first place! I have books all over the place so despite having a pen/pencil pot it never seems to be where I need it!.

Now pens I can often clip onto the notebooks (which does get a bit tricky if they are those thick covered notebooks without a spiral down the back) but pencils – theres no way of attaching them! I decided to make a small pen/pencil holder that I could attach to the notebooks when I am using them so I have a pen and pencil handy ready for any ideas.

Fabric was gifted by The Craft Cotton Company and is from the Under The Sea fat quarter set by The Craft Cotton Company.

Fabric Pen Holder Tutorial

You will need:

2 pieces of fabric 6cm x 20cm

1 piece of fabric 6cm x 30cm (folded in half so it is 6cm x 15cm)

Elastic 32cm long (this fits an A4 sized book)

  • Take one of the pieces of 6cm x 20cm fabric and place right side up, place the folded 6cm x 15cm piece on top.
  • Next place the elastic so the raw edges of the elastic line up with the raw edges of the top and bottom of the 6cm x 20cm fabric pieces.
  • Sew around leaving 5cm gap for turning, turn out the right way and slip stitch the gap closed.


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