A flock of Nessie’s is starting to gather around my sewing machine, might explain why they can’t find any in Loch Ness…

A pattern for a Loch Ness monster popped up on my Pinterest feed recently which couldn’t of had more perfect timing as a friend of mine was visiting Loch Ness this summer with their little ones who were on a mission to find Nessie.  They were convinced they were going to find her, but as I wasn’t so sure they would be successful I thought I would make them some teddy Nessie’s so even if they couldn’t find Nessie there they would have some of their very own.


The pattern was for a very large Nessie, which was a little too big for what I was wanting – I didn’t think my friend would appreciate 4 small child sized Nessie’s in their car while driving there! So I shrank the pattern size down a bit when I printed out the pieces.  The pattern used felt and was hand sewn, but I opted to use fabric and machine sewed the pieces together. The fabric I used was by The Craft Cotton Company, and consisted of fat quarters from the fat quarter sets of: Funky spot, sage classic, and Oxford bottle. I used some small buttons for the eyes.

Link to the Nessie pattern:





I love these Nessie’s, you can’t help but smile looking at them all having a natter together!

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