Crochet Lego Brick Patchwork Blanket – Part 2

It’s been slow (very slow) and steady progress but brick by brick I have been putting together my second Lego blanket and it’s finally finished! 

This Lego blanket is the second of four small blankets I am making as gifts for Christmas for some boys who love Lego (who can blame them!!) I’m glad I have started early with these makes as it’s taken me until now just to get two finished and will take me just as long to get the final two completed! 

The slow progress is down to the fact I only make these bricks when I have a spare half hour or so for a quick make, which doesn’t happen that often with my ever increasing list of makes! But I have finally got there in the end! 

This one is slightly different to my first blanket but is still based on the Red Heart Yarns pattern I used previously: 

This pattern is for a bigger blanket – I just didn’t make as many bricks and changed the brick layout making it smaller (28 x 29 inches). I would have loved to make them the big size that is made in the pattern, but I would never have got four finished this decade yet alone this year if i had done them that size! This blanket consists of 24 bricks in total (2 six dot, 3 four dot, 6 two dot and 13 one dot). The colours used are also slightly different from the first to keep them different.  I also did the border differently to the first and followed what they did in the pattern.  

Despite it taking a long time to finish I love these blankets, the pattern is so simple and easy to do and the finished item looks fantastic. I better get started on the third of these, time is ticking! 


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