Crochet Flowers Pattern: Part 3 – Roses  

Looking out into my garden a few weeks ago I noticed with excitement that the leaves were starting to grow on my roses and it wont be too long before they start to flower. I have been waiting for this all winter! I love their flowers, they are just such lovely colours and the flowers look so pretty in a garden.

I did patterns for the roses in two different sizes: small and large and a two toned colour.  As the flowers are quite small it didn’t take me long to get them all made, I had all these finished after one evening, so they are great little makes when you don’t have much time. I also love the versatility of these flowers, you can use them for so many different things. I am going to attach these roses to hair grips so then can be used as hair accessories. You could add some wool wrapped wire stems to these to put in a vase or make a bouquet using a few of them grouped together again with wire wrapped wool stems with a few of the leaves going down them.

The leaf detail on these roses can be completed in different shades of green, and they can also be positioned in different places with more or even fewer leaves.

Rose crochet pattern:


  • 4mm hook.
  • DK wool in different colours.

The Rose:

ch 38.

tr(UK)/dc(US) into 4th chain from the hook, then:

5tr(UK)/dc(US) into same stitch, *Skip 1 stitch, then slip stitch into next stitch, skip a stitch then 6tr(UK)/dc(US) into the next stitch, repeat from * along rest of the row to the last two stitches: skip a stitch then slip stitch into the next stitch.

Fasten off.

Stitching as you go, starting from the starting end loosely coil the trebled row around to make the flower.

Fasten off.


Leaf – Make 2 (or as many as required)


sc into second chain from hook, tr(UK)/dc(US), double treble (UK)/treble(US), triple treble(UK)/double treble(US), double treble(UK)/treble(US), tr(UK)/dc(US), sc.

Fasten off, leaving long end.

Using the long end left from fastening off, weave along the bottom chain row, then pull the thread tight to pull it in, then position and attach to the back of the flower. Fasten off

Different rose versions:

  • To make a large rose ch68 and repeat the pattern as for the smaller rose. You can make them bigger again if required by increasing the number of chain stitches.
  • To add a second colour detail, join new colour at the ch3 at the end of the foundation row slip which makes up the first treble of the first fan and then slip stitch in each dc along the whole row. Fasten off and roll into rose in the same way as the small rose.



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